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Chapter 686
« on: July 31, 2021, 11:17:05 am »
Everyone knows I’ve never been particularly keen about Kan Ki and his methods but I am extremely disappointed that there’s been no backstory leading to the events that reveal how they met and what brought the whole lot of misfits together. I’m sure each of them has their own story to tell centered around Kan Ki, of course. Speaking of the devil, where is Kan Ki? He was just appointed as one of the Great Six which is one of the highest honors/achievements bestowed by a Qin King and considered a mighty force by all of China, similar to Zhao’s Three Great Heavens and Wei’s Seven Fire Dragons but, in my book, he’s doing a terrible job against Zhao.

(Ch.686 Pg.03)


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Re: Chapter 686
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2021, 12:48:48 pm »
I can't wait for the next chapter!  Break weeks are so hard! lol

Ya, as I'm sure you know Jac, the backstory is only hinted at.  I guess that Moubu was sent to subdue Kanki, and offered him a generalship rather than kill him, because he's so skilled... and Kanki was then sent to hunt other bandits, and he gave them the same choice.  But ya, that would make a great spin-off. 

This battle's making me think that Kanki is something like Kesha was.  I love both their styles (although I don't love Kanki's brutality.). Reading the opponent and, making moves that the opponent never sees.  Kesha's moves were defensive- traps.  Kanki's are usually pretty offensive.

Only now, maybe he's struggling because, from his opponent, there's so little to read.  The opponent is not making big bold moves.  They don't need to, they have terrain and army size advantages. 

Its like, Kanki can't get a foothold to do his Kanki thing, so, he's just been throwing soldiers at the situation, watching them die, looking for a foothold. 

He'll probably find one... ?   But, the other truly skilled generals will probably see his weak spot now.


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