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Chapter 674 & 675
« on: April 07, 2021, 06:28:20 pm »
I've never been able to pin down Kan Ki's true aim with anything he does and not that I really care but it could help address what he's truly after. So far, I've seen nothing but unnecessary carnage in his wake. I'm convinced that he feeds on death and it doesn't matter where it comes from Qin or Zhao, as long as it manifests, he's content. The more I study his facial expression the more I'm convinced it reflects a state of satisfaction and delight like an artist finishing a masterpiece, sorry Kan Ki fans but he is just plain creepy. Anyway, the second half of the chapter is far more interesting specially when Ma Ron tries to manipulate Ou Hon even going as far as swinging a low blow right in front of everyone there, this guy is the worst kind of bully there is trying to inject fear, obligation, and guilt, all in one setting. What I don't understand is why Shin is keeping tabs on Ou Hon.


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Re: Chapter 674 & 675
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2021, 12:00:49 pm »
I have a love/hate with Kanki.  I love his out of the box thinking, and hate... everything else about him.

I can't remember when, Jac, but one of his entourage once said that Kanki has nothing in him but hatred for the world.  Kanki said himself during the coalition war, he doesn't care at all about Qin.  He just likes winning and killing...

The thing I can't figure about his strategy here is- is he doing all this to give Ousen the advantage by having Zhao focus on him?  This seems unlike Kanki.

I think he's probably just having fun.  Now that he answers to no one, what would he care that he's sending soldiers to die?  As long as they aren't HIS soldiers.  And as long as he wins, I don't think he gives a damn. 

But, this would be short sighted.  Qin will give a damn, which will cause Kanki a problem. 

So, I have to wonder, if he's been waiting to take on Qin as well, all along...

Because, to Kanki, it's "Kanki vs. the world."

I hope I'm wrong.   

And I hope Ouhon lives.  Which is surprising, bc, well, it's Ouhon.


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Re: Chapter 674 & 675
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2021, 02:05:45 am »
Shin is keeping tabs on ouhon because shin see's him as a friend and rival who he just learned is married and has a kid so as a friend he believes he need to do what he can to make sure his rival survives to see his kid


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Re: Chapter 674 & 675
« Reply #3 on: April 11, 2021, 06:25:33 pm »
Oh crap, you just made me realize something.  Bc your right, Shin can save Ouhon, and doesn't need orders to do it.

Because, Shin, Mouten and Ouhon can't really be given orders from Qin anymore... any order they could be sent would be obsolete by the time they got it, because the 5 great generals are moving independently.

That's why Kanki chose Ouhon.  Ouhon didn't have to follow that order.  But, he was convinced to.   

Mouten wouldn't have... and even if he had, Moubu.

Shin wouldn't have... and even if he had, Ei Sei.

...THIS is the start of the audition for the sixth great general.   What they do now, that is the audition. 

Because, Ouhon Moten and Shin are also free of orders.  Unless they get absorbed by the other armies.  In which case, they probably aren't ready to be a Great 6. 

Ouhon's already behind...


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