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Chapter 653
« on: September 12, 2020, 05:53:53 pm »
Although the current match-up is interesting, I expected a clash between Mou Bu and Man U, Tou against Sen To Un and Roku O Mi against Gen U, especially before the union of Wei and Qin. Instead, we see how quickly Wei and Qin forget their temporary alliance who fight for the same cause yet strike at each other with a look that stinks of pure animosity, which, of course, stems from an event not so distant ago. Question, why didn’t Man U approach Mou Bu when all this began? I’m sure the opportunity was there. Mou Bu on the other hand without hesitation sought to quickly engage him, but why didn’t he? Back in chapter 651 Mou Bu sought him out instead he said he wanted to warm up, to me, this seems like a contradiction, a pitiful expression coming from a Supreme Commander who boasts as being greater.   

Ch.650 Pg.17


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