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Chapter 652
« on: September 05, 2020, 04:24:10 pm »
I just realized that a soldier equipped with only the credentials of a strategist can man his/her very own army. Go Hou Mei strikes me like that type of character who's more brains than brawn or maybe all brains and no brawn, but I could be wrong.

I like the fact that we have depictions that lay out positions which is something I wish we had more of. Also, I hope this is it for surprise entries there’s more than enough armies on the battlefield without another army joining and making a mess of things but, if one did make it's way here then I’d love to see Ren Pa. He’s do for action plus his boy’s are on a whole other level (except for strength) when compared to Man U and Sen To Un, in my opinion. Meaning, they seem to be well-rounded and more attuned to the pressing situation.

This is going to be interesting as Han is right in the middle of this. Anyway, how many strategists are there facing Ju Ko Ou, two or three? Will this be the biggest factor that contributes to the downfall of Juuko City? 

Ch.651 Pg.12(1) & Pg.14(2)  /  Ch.652 Pg.05(3), Pg.08(4) & Pg.15(5)


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