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Chapter 649 & 650


Interesting chapters but it only makes sense if Wei is a superpower among superpowers and it’s not, not even close in my book. If Wei temporarily joins forces with Qin only to possess Juuko then they are small-minded. A better opportunity would be to hit Qin while they struggle against Zhao. Not only is this a stroke of good luck it’s also convenient for Wei so why casually brush it aside for something that will only make them a sitting duck once the peace treaty is over and Qin decides to strike. Anyway, I think the taking Juuko will be fairly easy for Mou Bu seeing as how the lord of Juuko general Man U and general Sen To Un seem like a pair of buffoons but, strategist Ju Ko Ou is a different story unfortunately I can’t peg general Gen U.

Ch.650 Pg.15


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