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Chapter 647
« on: July 11, 2020, 09:53:15 am »
Alright, so Ri Boku will lay low, disappear and recruit meanwhile Kaku Kai manages to bar Ou Sen’s advance. Not sure how this will affect the overall outcome of the war, including Ei Sei’s plans to conquer all of China but I believe he’s ahead of the plan, so far. The one surprise I didn’t expect was Ryo Fui. Why is he still alive? And of all things, up to his old tricks. Ei Sei wants to talk to him but I’m not sure why.  The one thing that does stand out is the repeating pattern Ei Sei follows with all who oppose him and ultimately fail. He did the same with his little brother and now with Ryo Fui. Is it all part of his grand scheme? What’s the true purpose for keeping Ryo Fui alive? Is it to weed out all who truly oppose him, or does he expect to use him as a device? I don’t see how killing him now benefits Ei Sei in any way. I can’t figure it out.


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