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Chapter 628
« on: January 09, 2020, 04:34:23 pm »
There are two deaths attributed to this chapter, Hou Ken who in every practical sense lived by the sword and died by it, and Shin who forced his anatomy way beyond its limit. Some succumb to heart failure while others launch major organs into collapse and complete shutdown, especially when there’s considerable blood loss. This near death experience will definitely change him and I can only imagine how. But before we completely forget Hou Ken I’d like to say that I think I understand him, snatched from his parents and forced into a belief system contrary to his own. His parents used their gifts to bring good into the lives of others. Because of this Hou Ken likely struggled with inner demons his entire life. I believe he sensed he was meant for something better and different yet he never pursued it. His is another tragic story with a bitter end and no hope insight, sad really. We can debate Hou Ken’s past, we can even speculate what if’s but I don’t think he would’ve change his ways, I think he was committed to the cause. We all know that commitments obligate us to do something whether or not we like it. Hou Ken was committed but it was never his true path in life.


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