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Chapter 625
« on: December 14, 2019, 12:41:21 pm »
Did Ri Boku forget about Gyou? While everyone is fixed on Shin and Hou Ken’s fight Gyou’s doors, if they haven’t already done so, should be ready to explode. While it’s tough pinpoint the exact time of day it is safe to assume that every minute counts. I will be completely surprised if Gyou is still holding together after all this time in fact anything else would seem unrealistic. But, back to Shin and Hou Ken. This is the fight we have all been waiting for but I am neither thrilled nor satisfied. I expected the much older and much more experienced Shin to exact vengeance swiftly, instead we have a battle that rages on due to Newton’s third law which in my opinion shouldn’t exist. Why? Well, because Hou Ken reached top form and peak condition more or less seventeen years ago while Shin should have surpassed this mark by now which in fact we see in a couple of pages towards the end of the chapter. Then again, we can argue that Shin is spent as a result of fighting his way to this point, so how do we explain the endless endurance when his body has undergone massive blood loss and malnutrition yet he proves resilient under abnormal conditions. Don’t misunderstand, Shin is still one of the most interesting characters in the manga and one of my top favorites but I could do without the script immunity. 
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