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Chapter 622
« on: November 21, 2019, 08:36:37 pm »
It’s the anticipated showdown we’ve all prayed for. But, when Hou Ken slapped Shin around for a bit I kinda lost all expectation of whether or not he has what it takes to defeat the menace called Bushin. I’m not saying that he won’t die here (because he has to) I just can’t imaging Shin doing it alone. It’s not difficult to imaging Ou Sen taking a whack at him that’s if Ba Nan Ji or Fu Tei don’t materialize right behind them which I believe could happen especially as the battle nears the end of the day. Also, I’d like to say that I sympathize with the HSU for their great loss and part of me wishes they could pick up Kyo Gai and lay him to rest near Shou Sa. And while Bi Hei is too busy mourning his friends Suu gen and Ryuu Yuu look both devastated and pissed, and if I interpret his reaction correctly no one feels the loss more than Shin. To him, these comrades are the closest thing he can call a family. It’s the faces he sees day in and day out and the ally he has associated with during most of his military career.


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