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Chapter 608
« on: July 27, 2019, 10:57:45 am »
I don’t know what’s wrong with Ou Sen, why didn’t he fight Ri Boku? I had hoped he would display some kind of prowess, especially against an opponent such as Ri Boku. And why didn’t Ri Boku charge him, what’s up with that? These men are both skilled at combat so why the tease. I have to admit Ri Boku’s rebuttal was moving, he's the type of leader followers respect unlike Ou Sen whose followers (well most of them anyway) are forced to comply and serve. When Ou Sen said, “Mark my words, you will come to regret this Ri Boku” I believe he’s talking about securing his fate by further influencing events already in motion because that’s the type of character he is.

Shin is still in pain so it looks like he won’t be striking Ri Boku anytime soon. At least, we finally see our two favorite bowmen but how is it that Jin has spent the last few days shooting arrows nonstop, and where? And, we get to see Ou Hon charge Gyou’un. We know how this will end, right? Or, maybe we don’t. We still can’t rule out that certain variables exist and can change the rhythm of this war completely in favor of either side, just saying.

(Ch.608 Pg.06)   I believe this is somewhat accurate.


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