Author Topic: Ka Ryo Ten's Future  (Read 3695 times)

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Ka Ryo Ten's Future
« on: September 13, 2016, 07:09:46 pm »
Personally, I adore this young lady. She's bold, witty, intelligent, and most of all, committed to the cause. One can almost say, there's never a lack of theoretical knowledge and leadership when she's afoot. She's slowly making a name for herself, a cog vital to the HSU. This has been proven time and time again, but her attractive qualities as a strategist still require polishing. I say this with the utmost respect for her character. With that aside, Ten has the potential to grow exponentially. My point is, Ten is getting better at what she does in fact, she has kept the HSU from falling into total chaos on more than one occasion, even dubbed linchpin. And, as the HSU moves ahead, she will learn to decipher with greater clarity the opposition’s weak points. I hope Hara, the author, develops her character accordingly. Albeit typical for this era, I'd hate to see her role as a strategist overshadowed because she's a female. Props to Ten the youngest female member of the HSU with an exceptional future ahead. I expect great things from Ten, great indeed. 8^)


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