Author Topic: Kingdom nears Chapter 500 (No Spoilers)  (Read 6430 times)

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Kingdom nears Chapter 500 (No Spoilers)
« on: September 13, 2016, 03:37:37 pm »
Wow, so much has happened up until this point. To me, this arc has been more about helping Shin realize how important it is to maintain a cool head, especially if he wants to overcome specific hurdles. What I don't get, is why Shouheikun paired Kanki with the HSU. Did he want to curb Kanki's wild side, or did he want to help Shin grow? I mean, the two are complete polar opposites. I'm amazed that either side is still standing. What I did see, is that the HSU is now much closer as a group. That's a good thing. At this point, I can't say what exactly awaits Shin, but as we progress closer and closer to chapter 500 I have a feeling it will be epic nonetheless. Also, we have yet to see Ryofui. Will he be executed, or live the rest of his life as a prisoner. Who knows? What I do know, is that Riboku wants to exact vengeance on Kanki, and he claims to know his weakness. What did he mean by that? As far as I can see, Kanki is a whiz at warfare, and he has no weakness. 8^)

As crazy as this seems, I expect Shin to show unexpected at the meeting and catch up to Riboku. Point being, Shin has grown since they last met so it's gotta be a shocker to see him now that he’s much more powerful. 8^)


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