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Quality Checking 101
« on: June 17, 2013, 09:16:18 am »
This is basically a 101 for what QCers need to be able to do/what they have to do.

What a QCer does

- Check the English
- Make sure all typeset bubbles are centred properly with correct font/font size
- Make sure the pages are cleaned properly with the correct bubbles whited-out and the correct items whited-out
- Make sure all redraws are completed
- Make sure all the bubbles and text has been translated
- Fix typeset bubbles, incorrect English, incorrect whiting-out of bubbles/items, minor redraws
- Tell the difference between a Japanese SFX and something that needs to be translated
- If you know Japanese, translate the missing translations (and if not find someone to do it)
- Make the credit pages
- Makes sure the project is released on a regular basis

For everything else you have to go hunt down someone to fix for you.

Things you should read <- Typesetting 101

Note: The test focuses on recognizing the errors on the pages and fixing them. If the errors are something you are not able to fix (i.e. x needs to be translated) you must list what you would do in order to have the error fixed (i.e. tell the translator to translate x).
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