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Kingdom / Re: Chapter 678
« on: May 08, 2021, 08:22:11 pm »
ha, I actually kind of hope that's true.  I hope losing his unit changes Hon for the better- it'll definitely change him.

btw, I'm here because "when you know its Golden week, but, check for updates out of hopeless desperation"

Edit: Tyr dreams an impossible dream.  "What if it changes Ouhon enough that he decides to spite his father and 'role/fate'... BY JOINING HI SHIN??"

no, that could never happen.  but... could it?

Kingdom / Re: Chapter 678
« on: May 04, 2021, 12:47:41 pm »
Yep, same guy- hm, I guess I'll try it again. 

So far the answer has been "attention span."  I created a username over there, but, I have the attention span to write and read comments, dunno if I do to chat for extended periods. 

So I lurked for a minute.  But maybe I'll try actually posting, and see if I feel differently.

I'll also probably have my big missed prediction to reckon with - that time I boldly predicted no one would be dumb enough to make Kanki a great general.  lol.  Whups

Kingdom / Re: Chapter 678
« on: May 03, 2021, 10:30:25 pm »
Ya, its accurate in that it makes me think of every leader of any type who's about short term thinking.   Even if he wins, he sacrificed at least one integral army of Qin's future to do it.  Now, he's depending on another integral army of Qin's future to 'cut open a path,' and he manipulated them (shin) into rushing headlong into a death trap. 

I completely blame Shoubunkun or whatever the head of of Qin's military is.  And I blame Sei too.  I still get that they wanted to rush to establish the six great generals, but, wtf.  I kind of hope shin goes all 'chapter 3' and punches Sei again

Edit: now that I calmed down a bit, I think I see the play. kanki's a huge jerk but I'm excited.

there was no strategy that was going to win, Kanki decided.  So, his plan is "full instinctual style."

He created a situation where a) instinctual general Shin would thrive, and b) Shin, a baby instinctual general, would dive in without thinking, therefore guaranteeing he'd HAVE to fight on instinct.

Ten is useless now.  Shin is on the field.  It's his battle.  For the first time, its wholly and completely his battle, start to finish. 

So, there's that. 

Kingdom / Re: Kingdom 677
« on: April 29, 2021, 09:20:03 pm »
Reread, I can't wait for next chapter. 

I think Ouhon will survive.  I do not think the Gyouko Hyou or whateverhisunit will.  I think his unit is done.  Ouhon will probably be seriously injured as well.  (and no, I never read raws, I could be totally wrong or right, dunno)

I also think Ousen 'recognizes' Mouten, and wants him on team Ousen.  But, I think Mouten thinks Ousen's a total sh*t.

Ouhon will be back one day, but I think what's about to happen is, Hi Shin and Mouten's whateverhisunit both start ignoring orders and fighting as they want to, because they both dislike the great generals that want to order them around.

kanki gets demoted, Shin and Mouten, after Zhao falls, are 5th and 6th great generals. 

Ouhon probably is a broken kid for a while, after his unit is destroyed, but, bounces back eventually.  These are my guesses

Kingdom / Kingdom 677
« on: April 24, 2021, 10:19:08 am »
Hara-sama (through some minor character):

"I don't know how that bandit thinks, but you were wrong in your prediction.  Kanki's plan wasn't to back off and take the glory for himself."


"This is why I can't quit you.  Never leave us"

Edit: I should probably digest first, but now I think Kanki's plan was: to both fuck with Shin and use Shin to win.  Make Shin sit and watch Ouhon die, knowing, he'd charge in angry and slightly recklessly as soon as given the "ok." 

Kanki's real plan would start from there...  And really I'm just piggybacking on Mouten.  But, I think once Shin upends the field again, Kanki starts moving. 

Unless Hi Shin smashes.  (Fingers crossed)

Kingdom / Re: Chapter 676
« on: April 18, 2021, 09:38:17 pm »
`Ah, Thanks Jac, weirdly this helps.  This battle is making me nervous.  haha... sad but true!   

But you make some really good points. For one, Kanki has totally destabilized the stalemate- maybe that alone gives Qin a kind of advantage, because two great generals, one who now is a hybrid instinctual/strategic type (able to react super quickly,), and, Shin and Ouhon running around too...

Perhaps this army is set up perfectly to thrive in an topsy turvy field... Kanki surely has delivered that. 

I just hope the new Ou baby has a daddy when it's over

Releases / Re: Kingdom Chapter 676 v2
« on: April 17, 2021, 09:20:08 am »
Thanks for the Chapter!

Disagree tho- the last arc may not have been so fascinating in terms of the battle, but, the larger implications are fascinating!!!

Now that the coalition war is over, and Qin's poised to start taking out nations, the biggest threat to them is, or WAS, bot Wei and Chu simultaneously attacking them before they finished off Zhao.  That would have been game over...

So, Qin in one simple move A) gets Wei to agree not to attack them, and B) Makes Wei and Chu immediate and bitter enemies.  They took two opponents off the board simply by sending a diplomat.  Thats super badass.

And, on the part of Wei, super frikkin dumb.  Arrogant, risky, greedy.  Which is why Wei won't be a thing much longer.

Kingdom / Chapter 676
« on: April 17, 2021, 08:25:30 am »
I feel better about having no idea WTF Kanki is thinking.   Not even Ousen gets it, and he's a fictional genius

I cannot think of one advantage Kanki has- ground, troop strength, numbers, position, entrenchment, surprise, strategy. 

If he wins, it'll be like he defeated warfare itself

Edit: one thing comes to mind

a) Zhao engages kanki
b) Kanki takes light losses, immediately flame hares the hell outta there/retreats
c) Zhao assumes he's routed, begins flanking Ousen
d) Kanki returns, hits a pre-designated target, while Ousen's forces are getting routed
e) Ei Sei and Shoubunkun finally realize they made a terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible decision

Kingdom / Re: Chapter 674 & 675
« on: April 11, 2021, 06:25:33 pm »
Oh crap, you just made me realize something.  Bc your right, Shin can save Ouhon, and doesn't need orders to do it.

Because, Shin, Mouten and Ouhon can't really be given orders from Qin anymore... any order they could be sent would be obsolete by the time they got it, because the 5 great generals are moving independently.

That's why Kanki chose Ouhon.  Ouhon didn't have to follow that order.  But, he was convinced to.   

Mouten wouldn't have... and even if he had, Moubu.

Shin wouldn't have... and even if he had, Ei Sei.

...THIS is the start of the audition for the sixth great general.   What they do now, that is the audition. 

Because, Ouhon Moten and Shin are also free of orders.  Unless they get absorbed by the other armies.  In which case, they probably aren't ready to be a Great 6. 

Ouhon's already behind...

Kingdom / Re: Chapter 674 & 675
« on: April 10, 2021, 12:00:49 pm »
I have a love/hate with Kanki.  I love his out of the box thinking, and hate... everything else about him.

I can't remember when, Jac, but one of his entourage once said that Kanki has nothing in him but hatred for the world.  Kanki said himself during the coalition war, he doesn't care at all about Qin.  He just likes winning and killing...

The thing I can't figure about his strategy here is- is he doing all this to give Ousen the advantage by having Zhao focus on him?  This seems unlike Kanki.

I think he's probably just having fun.  Now that he answers to no one, what would he care that he's sending soldiers to die?  As long as they aren't HIS soldiers.  And as long as he wins, I don't think he gives a damn. 

But, this would be short sighted.  Qin will give a damn, which will cause Kanki a problem. 

So, I have to wonder, if he's been waiting to take on Qin as well, all along...

Because, to Kanki, it's "Kanki vs. the world."

I hope I'm wrong.   

And I hope Ouhon lives.  Which is surprising, bc, well, it's Ouhon.

Releases / Re: Kingdom Chapter 675 [Real Version]
« on: April 03, 2021, 10:24:25 pm »
Wow, there are so many angles to Kanki sacrificing the Gyoko Hou. 

He must know the brass won't be thrilled if Ouhon dies, or the GH is rendered useless. 

One would think Kanki dislikes Shin, but, would've had a few reasons not to choose Hi Shin.

I'm trying to imagine why he drew in Zhao by acting like a shitty general.  Can't see the counter.  But if I were Zhao, I'd be expecting it.

Releases / Re: Kingdom Chapter 675
« on: April 02, 2021, 12:28:17 pm »
Pretty sure that (never visited) is pirating their translations, and, Sense decided to Trojan horse them by giving a fake, nearly real translation that you'd only be sure was fake if you read to page 8 or so. 

...well, as a tactic, I approve.

But as a reader, I'll respond to the April fools part.

"ha.  ha.  so very amusing."  (sarcasm)

Releases / Re: Kingdom Chapter 674
« on: March 30, 2021, 09:07:58 pm »
Tyr rides again, fools!

f5, on me!! Ooon MEEEEEEEEEE

(its a turnips thing.  I couldn't stay quiet)

... because while I get why Qin rushed, I was unhappily surprised they chose 5 of 6 generals.  Bc Kanki.

I figured that would go bad eventually, but,  its surprising how quickly Kanki's making questionable choices.

Its not just the poor strategy.  Its also that its a new strategy for him.

...The first time he's given free reign, it seems like he's using it to send (other) Qin to die... for fun?

Well, he never cared at all about Qin winning.  Just himself.

I wanted to hate him being appointed to the six.  Now, I think its a huge, huge risk, but I get it.  They don't have much time. 

By the way Ei Sei was talking, its like, he fully expected Kanki and probably Ousen would not act particularly loyal.

He's counting on Tanwa, Moubu, and Tou.  Tanwa- loyal.  Moubu- loyal to his boy Shoubunkun- good enough.  Tou- is Tou.

I'm left wondering if Kanki will become a problem that needs solving immediately.  I figured he would be eventually.  This is not a good sign.

In other news, if Shin and Ten and Kyoukai aren't in some crazy repressed love triangle, because Shin actually chooses- will the unit suffer?  Probably not, but, stay tuned-

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