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Series / Re: Magi - Labyrinth of Magic
« on: March 15, 2015, 06:11:56 pm »
If u guys cant keep up with translating Magi, then leave it up to a site that will (mangastream). This is becoming really frustrating!!!!!

If you're such an impatient yet HUGE Magi fan, why don't you apply to Sense Scans to help them? They CLEARLY have been posting/asking for more staff. Besides it's only been 11 days since their last release of Magi, and they clearly mentioned that there have been events in real life that has hindered their ability to work on releases, as this is not a real job, but simply a favor to the manga community it's fair that they not prioritize releasing Magi as fast as they can for your royal highness's sake.

Your complaints are only coming off as petulant and ungrateful, if not offensive to the people who DO put in hours of their day and their life, for a FREE service for fellow fans. Not only that, name dropping Mangastream is just plain stupid and offensive to me, Mangastream does great work (I am a fan of theirs) but they are hardly the fastest of scanslating groups, they consistently release the Shonen Jump Chapters slower than other groups, and at times even weeks late. However, to me that is simply a payoff for good quality scans and translations, so your comparison that they are a superior group is illogical.

Not to mention that unless if you are a part of their team and know that they would pick up Magi, otherwise you have no idea if the Mangastream team have the man power to take on yet ANOTHER project.

Frustration for your favorite manga not being translated is understandable, however your multiple posts, whining, complaining and criticizing of Sense Scans comes off as incredibly rude and selfish, and it is laughable that you even claim to represent the Magi fandom with your childish tantrums.

Give me a break, there are plenty of people out there that appreciate the work and time put in that Sense Scan has and have no wish to give them further added stress for something that should be a labor of love. (And no I have no connection to Sense Scans other than I've been a long time reader and fan).

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