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Kingdom / Chapter 647
« on: Today at 09:53:15 am »
Alright, so Ri Boku will lay low, disappear and recruit meanwhile Kaku Kai manages to bar Ou Sen’s advance. Not sure how this will affect the overall outcome of the war, including Ei Sei’s plans to conquer all of China but I believe he’s ahead of the plan, so far. The one surprise I didn’t expect was Ryo Fui. Why is he still alive? And of all things, up to his old tricks. Ei Sei wants to talk to him but I’m not sure why.  The one thing that does stand out is the repeating pattern Ei Sei follows with all who oppose him and ultimately fail. He did the same with his little brother and now with Ryo Fui. Is it all part of his grand scheme? What’s the true purpose for keeping Ryo Fui alive? Is it to weed out all who truly oppose him, or does he expect to use him as a device? I don’t see how killing him now benefits Ei Sei in any way. I can’t figure it out.

Kingdom / Chapter 646
« on: July 02, 2020, 06:26:04 pm »
Just read the chapter and it's not what I expected. I actually feel sorry for Ri Boku, Kaine and the Prince. Immediately I felt like I was pulled right into the center of all this, I felt what they felt, that heavy sensation you get right at the center of your chest, mouth turns dry and it's hard to swallow, man that was pure doom and gloom. It sucks to be an empath lol. By now, Shin must realize or at the very least deduce that they are going through a similar situation that he and Ei Sei had with his younger brother. That situation tested everyone's limits and made them stronger, he can personally attest to that. So, if they endure this will turn into an uphill battle for Qin. All in all, this is an excellent chapter not because it messed with my emotions but because of the stark reality that this is closer to the truth, a dose realism at play, and that makes it's so much more enjoyable. God I love Kingdom.

Kingdom / Chapter 645
« on: June 27, 2020, 09:28:28 am »
Are we in for round two of Sei Kyou and Ketsu Shi? I hope not. In fact, I can’t believe we are reminded of such sick individuals again and again. I know it’s literally the nature of the beast and the wicked have a role to play but where are the champions of justice. Anyway, I really would’ve liked a different approach something a little more original I mean, we all know who the crown prince should be and probably was up until the moment the twisted King bit his ear off. And, I guarantee Sen took this opportunity to kill his father to ensure he would remain the successor to the thrown. I now see the big picture. This is what Sen was waiting for and Prince Ka (the big dope) handed complete and utter control over to him. Here’s what I see, someone from Ri Boku’s faction is going to put a stop to this bullshit. This is going to end before it even begins. Ugly has been choking the life out of this country and probably all others, but if this continues, Zhao’s fate is doomed.

Ch.644 Pg.09

Kingdom / Chapter 644
« on: June 20, 2020, 03:52:53 pm »
Damn! What he did to his own child is downright ugly. The dude was warped. Up until this point he got away with anything. Once he threatened the prince someone took action. But, who? Was it mom? Maybe the old man who took the prince away? I saw the look in his eye. Or, was it the school of kids he abused? Honestly, it doesn't really matter he was the worst kind of trash. My focus now is whether or not Ri Boku's freedom is guaranteed. Now that the king is dead the prince should decide what happens to him including how they handle this war. Will Ko Chou, Ba Nan Ji, and Shun Sui Ju react differently if the prince is in power? Wonder if Ren Pa might come back to Zhao some day. Ou Sen's battle strategy relied in keeping the king around long enough that his destructive behavior worked as an asset but now that's changed. He's dead and Zhao is no longer under the rule of a maniac which means things are going to change very quickly for both sides. 

Kingdom / Chapter 642 & 643
« on: June 13, 2020, 05:44:04 pm »
By far the highlight for the combined chapters is the ceremony. Seeing Ri Shin finally reach general status is both awesome and satisfying. My only complaint is that a key or legend is never included with a map. The purpose of a map is to show how things relate to each other spatially, includes elevation, key symbols, but more often than not, a map also shows other kinds of information too. Anyway, the ceremony was better than I expected and with so many in attendance it would be foolish to think that everyone there is a native of Qin, I have a gut feeling spies filled the ceremony hall. Qin's 5K man commanders graduated and so this has to incite or at the very least prompt into action the commanders of the other nations, especially Chu. One more thing, Mou Ten at first glance is unrecognizable. He looks younger and his beauty mark is more prominent and that neck collar is just way to damn feminine. And, where did the lieutenant come from I've never seen him before. Anyhow, I like how we gt a breakdown of Ri Shin's new unit. Would have been even better if we had the same done for Mou Ten and Ou Hon's unit.

Ch.643 Pg.05

Kingdom / Chapter 641
« on: April 30, 2020, 06:13:03 pm »
Ri Shin. I like that. Wonder what the nobles will think, especially General Ou Sen and Shou Hei Kun who are aware not only of their own lineage but the ones they scheme against. You gotta love Shin’s mini city, it looks great. This means all his men could move into the city and roll out together, they could practice battle strategies together and best of all, protect their city together. But I’m dying for the award ceremony because I want to see the faces of everyone when Ei Sei announces Shin’s family name. Ou Ki gave him a warrior’s name China will remember and now and his newly bestowed family will seed roots and hopefully generate a family tree. A big family tree with a ton of little Shins running around all over the place. Hopefully he gets a crest too. I like the dragon. But I’m not sure the Chinese ever developed a family crest but it would be cool to see it on his armor. Speaking of armor, when will he train with Duke's shield? 

Kingdom / Chapter 640
« on: April 23, 2020, 07:28:08 pm »
I have no complaints with how they wrapped up this war. I particularly like that Hou Ken still haunts Shin even in his dreams, actually that was funny. Kinda curious about the plan and method they will devise to free Ri Boku and hope they put the king in the cell and throw away the key. I really don't care one bit how they get rid of him what I want to see is how they rally against Qin's forces under the right ruler, hopefully the prince of Zhao is just as charismatic as Ei Sei. There's actually a lot going on in this chapter in so little time. In fact, the time skip forward could prepare us for a ceremony to celebrate one of Qin's greatest achievements Ei Sei's first monumental feat to unite China under a single banner is turning into a reality. Most, if they haven't already, now realize he means business. This is something no other ruler ever achieved at least not in 500 years. There isn't any doubt in my mind that the other kingdoms are concerned, extremely concerned.

Kingdom / Chapter 639
« on: April 16, 2020, 05:45:21 pm »
Whether or not the other states like Zhao at this point it doesn’t really matter. No one helped and no one offered help. Yan made a mess of things and nothing would make me feel better if Qin destroyed this state next. For Qin this was an uphill battle nonetheless they forced their way in and will soon control more than a third of the country’s land. And anyone who’s figured out that Qi had anything to do with it may actually become paranoid not knowing if other surrounding states have secretly teamed up with Qin to attack them next, but this won't be right away. Still, do you see what’s happening here? Either they come together or lose everything against Qin. There are two important pieces of data that point as to why Zhao lost this fight. One was the internal strife among the political party that was left unchecked for god knows how long and the other was beyond anyone’s control. Ri Boku’s fate was sealed the moment he decided to ignore that the country is ruled by a lunatic. I’ve said this before, had the king mysteriously disappeared long ago Ou Sen would never have taken on this challenge. Ren Pa did the right thing to abandon Zhao. Anyhow, it looks like the end of the arc is near now that Tou is approaching Retsubi. The smaller states are probably scrambling to make allies if they haven’t already done so, heck they may even begin to increase the number of spies for good measure.

Kingdom / Chapter 638
« on: April 09, 2020, 06:53:19 pm »
Was it the many distractions that kept Ri Boku so occupied he never considered Qi could assist Ou Sen. Even if there were no direct ties between the two nations the signs were there. The biggest is that this nation is a nation for hire which means the king is a sellout. Ri Boku should know this by now. Not sure I can say with certainty that Qi or rather King Ou Ken is loyal or anything of that sort just that the man enjoys a good deal just like a Ferengi. The way I see it all he did was deliver goods at twice the asking price. So, was this deal made about the same time Qin decided to invade Zhao? Because that’s a ton of food and the largest delivery I’ve ever seen. Then again it could be Qi’s own reserves. Anyway, Shun Sui Ju rubs me the wrong way and I would like to see Mou Ten kick his arse.

Kingdom / Chapter 637
« on: April 02, 2020, 05:31:56 pm »
This whole thing with Ri Boku and the King is complete nonsense. This would never happen to Ou Sen, in my world the king would have feared him or succumb to a strange illness long ago and replaced. But Ri Boku is just too dumb to see who is killing Zhao. The king is cancer and cancer must be dealt with before it spreads. Anyway, why hasn’t anyone saved Ri Boku from the Royal cavalry? And who is going to replace Ri Boku out in the field? Probably going to be someone who the king likes and finds competent. Coming from the mind of the king it has to be someone as twisted and vile as he. Someone who won’t think twice about sacrificing the common folk, especially the weak and elderly just to save his own skin. I’ve got a feeling that things are about to get worse for Zhao.

I really thought we were going to find out what Ou Sen’s request to Shou Hei Kun was but it didn’t happen in this chapter, maybe in the next and it better be worth it. If we find out Ou Sen want’s more territory in Qin or somewhere else and nothing to do with this mission I’m going to be pissed. Maybe it’s a request to marry a woman or to marry into the royal family. Maybe he wants a political position one with power. 

I can’t solve how or who will get them food. Ou Sen won’t say a word and Ri Boku doesn’t know. It’s got to come from an unknown source, someone we don’t anticipate. But who? No one’s made a move.

Kingdom / Chapter 636
« on: March 26, 2020, 05:26:39 pm »
Oh, this is getting interesting. The food barrels were empty and Kai Oku is enjoying every minute. It’s a distraction and I kinda realized it myself the moment they strolled right up the front door of Retsubi with so many food barrels. One of two things could be what gets the men the food supply the desperately need. Either Yo Tan Wa or another general ship Ou Sen what they need or an outside entity does. And right now, under the cover of darkness, the river seems to be a reasonable method. Ri Boku and his men shouldn’t anticipate this until it’s too late anyway. Unless, there’s a different strategy altogether devised by Ou Sen but the men are so hungry they are ready to submit to any means, well Kan Ki’s men anyway. 

Kingdom / Chapter 635
« on: March 19, 2020, 04:40:16 pm »
I hate to think the worst but he may actually consider eating the horses maybe even the dead. I actually believed that help would arrive and alleviate the food issue by now. I’m not sure what he has in mind but Ri Boku is going to be in big trouble for losing Gyou. I actually didn’t expect Ou Sen to take Gyou and am a little surprised.

Kingdom / Chapter 634
« on: March 12, 2020, 06:27:32 pm »
I had hoped Shin would find Ou Ki’s glaive to be lighter at least he’s swinging it with one arm. But I really want to focus on Ri Boku, while everything indicates he’s been outmatched by Qin’s three pawns and is facing Kan Ki’s toughest warriors Gyou can no longer contain the citizens. And now, Ri Boku seems to be at a disadvantage. Will this change? He did say he knew Kan Ki’s weakness. What about Ba Nan Ji? Where is he? And, what if the young prince shows up with an army in tow? I expect another change of tide I just can’t put my finger on it.

Kingdom / Chapter 632 & 633
« on: February 27, 2020, 06:12:43 pm »
Not excited about last week’s chapter. It was the granddaddy of plot twists if ever I’ve seen one. To me, it lacked cohesion and I had hoped it was all a bad dream coming from Hou Ken’s mind as he laid there all alone with no one to console him. Anyway, I'm ready to move forward to a new chapter.

Kan Ki’s new slogan “will not kill civilians” is plain laughable and would ring true if it were a different army shouting it. I’m sure we’ve heard this before, the villain swears he won’t kill ya only to have one of his henchmen do the dirty work for him. These people are so naive it’s distasteful. Have they considered the lives of the youth and feeble among them? This is war, if they march out straight into Kan Ki’s claws he will use them as a bargaining chip against Ri Boku, you can bet on it.

Kingdom / Chapter 631
« on: February 15, 2020, 07:39:21 pm »
It makes no sense whatsoever that Hyou doesn’t remember what the king looks like since he spent time with the king when he was alive, and it’s because of the king that he’s dead. The other thing that bugs me is that I believe Shin would have come back to the world of the living, he would have walked through the portal of light on his own, with the help of Hyou, of course, so Kyou Kai’s sacrifice feels like it’s in vain. Anyway, I still don’t get why Shin’s death was so important. The afterlife gave us no insight into the future about anything not even China or what the road ahead is like for Shin and the HSU.   

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