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Kingdom / Chapter 657
« on: October 18, 2020, 11:16:23 am »
Sorry, but I disagree with the chapter’s title it should be, “Strongest Arm in the Six Kingdoms” or something to that effect since to my knowledge he is the only other person who has ever knocked down Mou Bu. And while I’ll agree that there is a lot going on in this chapter, the one thing I am dying to see is how exactly Ryuu Han’s Golden cavalry will keep Sen To Un from tearing Go Hou Mei apart. Also, the siege towers are definitely a big surprise I didn’t expect an attack on Juuko this early specially from Wei and my guess is Karen hasn’t either.

Kingdom / Chapter 656
« on: October 08, 2020, 03:19:30 pm »
He took Mou Bu down with one arm swing, what bullshit. I'm so dissapointed right now I can't even think straight. There's no way Man U is stronger than him I don't believe it. Mou Bu didn't even get in a good swing this whole thing stinks.

Kingdom / Chapter 655
« on: October 03, 2020, 03:33:50 pm »
Seems like Gen’U is just as formidable with the sword as Tou, and since the weapon of choice has a clear disadvantage against weapons twice its size, the user needs to get in close but this could also suggest that larger heavier weapons distort the user’s techniques or that he simply prefers to engage with a sword. No matter the reason behind it the fact remains that Gen’u is a threat and it doesn’t look like he’s going to disappear any time soon. But I can’t gauge his prowess on this alone because I don’t have anything about Ba Kai I can use as an indicator for an honest comparison. Anyway, I really want to focus on Mou Ki, he is not making any big moves nor am I impressed with him at the moment. It does look like he’s pushing really hard to crack what’s missing but I’m not sure he ever does.

Kingdom / Chapter 654
« on: September 20, 2020, 06:57:49 pm »
What a big disappointment Ba Kai turned out to be, he was gone as fast as he was in. In fact, his departure was so swift it’s almost comical. I saw no sign of a struggle which means he was never a match for Gen’U. Why did Go Hou Mei even bring him along? If it were up to me, I would have chosen Gai Mou. Anyway, with him gone Gen’U could strike Jun Ei from behind or worse force his way straight to Go Hou Mei. So, does this mean Wei is at a disadvantage? Maybe, maybe not, but, it’s definitely a sign of weakness and the bigger question is, will it turn into a larger problem where Qin may have to provide support, basically forcing them to take a different approach which again means changing formation thus the pincer attack is no longer possible. Also, Go Hou Mei comes across as arrogant and ignorant but maybe it’s just me and we’ll have to wait and see.

Kingdom / Chapter 653
« on: September 12, 2020, 05:53:53 pm »
Although the current match-up is interesting, I expected a clash between Mou Bu and Man U, Tou against Sen To Un and Roku O Mi against Gen U, especially before the union of Wei and Qin. Instead, we see how quickly Wei and Qin forget their temporary alliance who fight for the same cause yet strike at each other with a look that stinks of pure animosity, which, of course, stems from an event not so distant ago. Question, why didn’t Man U approach Mou Bu when all this began? I’m sure the opportunity was there. Mou Bu on the other hand without hesitation sought to quickly engage him, but why didn’t he? Back in chapter 651 Mou Bu sought him out instead he said he wanted to warm up, to me, this seems like a contradiction, a pitiful expression coming from a Supreme Commander who boasts as being greater.   

Ch.650 Pg.17

Kingdom / Chapter 652
« on: September 05, 2020, 04:24:10 pm »
I just realized that a soldier equipped with only the credentials of a strategist can man his/her very own army. Go Hou Mei strikes me like that type of character who's more brains than brawn or maybe all brains and no brawn, but I could be wrong.

I like the fact that we have depictions that lay out positions which is something I wish we had more of. Also, I hope this is it for surprise entries there’s more than enough armies on the battlefield without another army joining and making a mess of things but, if one did make it's way here then I’d love to see Ren Pa. He’s do for action plus his boy’s are on a whole other level (except for strength) when compared to Man U and Sen To Un, in my opinion. Meaning, they seem to be well-rounded and more attuned to the pressing situation.

This is going to be interesting as Han is right in the middle of this. Anyway, how many strategists are there facing Ju Ko Ou, two or three? Will this be the biggest factor that contributes to the downfall of Juuko City? 

Ch.651 Pg.12(1) & Pg.14(2)  /  Ch.652 Pg.05(3), Pg.08(4) & Pg.15(5)

Kingdom / Chapter 651
« on: August 27, 2020, 04:42:00 pm »
I’m concerned about one thing, is Mou Bu’s arm as good as new that it won’t turn into an annoyance/burden?

Kingdom / Chapter 649 & 650
« on: August 22, 2020, 04:33:53 pm »
Interesting chapters but it only makes sense if Wei is a superpower among superpowers and it’s not, not even close in my book. If Wei temporarily joins forces with Qin only to possess Juuko then they are small-minded. A better opportunity would be to hit Qin while they struggle against Zhao. Not only is this a stroke of good luck it’s also convenient for Wei so why casually brush it aside for something that will only make them a sitting duck once the peace treaty is over and Qin decides to strike. Anyway, I think the taking Juuko will be fairly easy for Mou Bu seeing as how the lord of Juuko general Man U and general Sen To Un seem like a pair of buffoons but, strategist Ju Ko Ou is a different story unfortunately I can’t peg general Gen U.

Ch.650 Pg.15

Kingdom / Chapter 648
« on: July 16, 2020, 04:10:27 pm »
Ryo Fui is brilliant. He played everybody. I never saw this coming but I'm glad he will get to see what happens to China as a whole and who knows he might even play a role in it. I doubt he will remain quiet, and as time passes his presence will eventually be discovered. Have a funny feeling Ei Sei will show a sigh of relief on the inside that is.

Kingdom / Chapter 647
« on: July 11, 2020, 09:53:15 am »
Alright, so Ri Boku will lay low, disappear and recruit meanwhile Kaku Kai manages to bar Ou Sen’s advance. Not sure how this will affect the overall outcome of the war, including Ei Sei’s plans to conquer all of China but I believe he’s ahead of the plan, so far. The one surprise I didn’t expect was Ryo Fui. Why is he still alive? And of all things, up to his old tricks. Ei Sei wants to talk to him but I’m not sure why.  The one thing that does stand out is the repeating pattern Ei Sei follows with all who oppose him and ultimately fail. He did the same with his little brother and now with Ryo Fui. Is it all part of his grand scheme? What’s the true purpose for keeping Ryo Fui alive? Is it to weed out all who truly oppose him, or does he expect to use him as a device? I don’t see how killing him now benefits Ei Sei in any way. I can’t figure it out.

Kingdom / Chapter 646
« on: July 02, 2020, 06:26:04 pm »
Just read the chapter and it's not what I expected. I actually feel sorry for Ri Boku, Kaine and the Prince. Immediately I felt like I was pulled right into the center of all this, I felt what they felt, that heavy sensation you get right at the center of your chest, mouth turns dry and it's hard to swallow, man that was pure doom and gloom. It sucks to be an empath lol. By now, Shin must realize or at the very least deduce that they are going through a similar situation that he and Ei Sei had with his younger brother. That situation tested everyone's limits and made them stronger, he can personally attest to that. So, if they endure this will turn into an uphill battle for Qin. All in all, this is an excellent chapter not because it messed with my emotions but because of the stark reality that this is closer to the truth, a dose realism at play, and that makes it's so much more enjoyable. God I love Kingdom.

Kingdom / Chapter 645
« on: June 27, 2020, 09:28:28 am »
Are we in for round two of Sei Kyou and Ketsu Shi? I hope not. In fact, I can’t believe we are reminded of such sick individuals again and again. I know it’s literally the nature of the beast and the wicked have a role to play but where are the champions of justice. Anyway, I really would’ve liked a different approach something a little more original I mean, we all know who the crown prince should be and probably was up until the moment the twisted King bit his ear off. And, I guarantee Sen took this opportunity to kill his father to ensure he would remain the successor to the thrown. I now see the big picture. This is what Sen was waiting for and Prince Ka (the big dope) handed complete and utter control over to him. Here’s what I see, someone from Ri Boku’s faction is going to put a stop to this bullshit. This is going to end before it even begins. Ugly has been choking the life out of this country and probably all others, but if this continues, Zhao’s fate is doomed.

Ch.644 Pg.09

Kingdom / Chapter 644
« on: June 20, 2020, 03:52:53 pm »
Damn! What he did to his own child is downright ugly. The dude was warped. Up until this point he got away with anything. Once he threatened the prince someone took action. But, who? Was it mom? Maybe the old man who took the prince away? I saw the look in his eye. Or, was it the school of kids he abused? Honestly, it doesn't really matter he was the worst kind of trash. My focus now is whether or not Ri Boku's freedom is guaranteed. Now that the king is dead the prince should decide what happens to him including how they handle this war. Will Ko Chou, Ba Nan Ji, and Shun Sui Ju react differently if the prince is in power? Wonder if Ren Pa might come back to Zhao some day. Ou Sen's battle strategy relied in keeping the king around long enough that his destructive behavior worked as an asset but now that's changed. He's dead and Zhao is no longer under the rule of a maniac which means things are going to change very quickly for both sides. 

Kingdom / Chapter 642 & 643
« on: June 13, 2020, 05:44:04 pm »
By far the highlight for the combined chapters is the ceremony. Seeing Ri Shin finally reach general status is both awesome and satisfying. My only complaint is that a key or legend is never included with a map. The purpose of a map is to show how things relate to each other spatially, includes elevation, key symbols, but more often than not, a map also shows other kinds of information too. Anyway, the ceremony was better than I expected and with so many in attendance it would be foolish to think that everyone there is a native of Qin, I have a gut feeling spies filled the ceremony hall. Qin's 5K man commanders graduated and so this has to incite or at the very least prompt into action the commanders of the other nations, especially Chu. One more thing, Mou Ten at first glance is unrecognizable. He looks younger and his beauty mark is more prominent and that neck collar is just way to damn feminine. And, where did the lieutenant come from I've never seen him before. Anyhow, I like how we gt a breakdown of Ri Shin's new unit. Would have been even better if we had the same done for Mou Ten and Ou Hon's unit.

Ch.643 Pg.05

Kingdom / Chapter 641
« on: April 30, 2020, 06:13:03 pm »
Ri Shin. I like that. Wonder what the nobles will think, especially General Ou Sen and Shou Hei Kun who are aware not only of their own lineage but the ones they scheme against. You gotta love Shin’s mini city, it looks great. This means all his men could move into the city and roll out together, they could practice battle strategies together and best of all, protect their city together. But I’m dying for the award ceremony because I want to see the faces of everyone when Ei Sei announces Shin’s family name. Ou Ki gave him a warrior’s name China will remember and now and his newly bestowed family will seed roots and hopefully generate a family tree. A big family tree with a ton of little Shins running around all over the place. Hopefully he gets a crest too. I like the dragon. But I’m not sure the Chinese ever developed a family crest but it would be cool to see it on his armor. Speaking of armor, when will he train with Duke's shield? 

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