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Kingdom / Re: Chapter 663
« on: December 12, 2020, 11:05:46 am »
I think she may become the new infantry commander they're looking for.

She seems to enjoy mowing down the enemy soldiers and has been relatively friendly so far. After all she hasn't killed anyone in the Qin army even though she might as well. So, I can see the story evolving into her sticking around. She might end up being a lot like Akakin; a serious troublemaker, but tolerated and given freedom because of extreme ability.

If she was out for revenge, why not start with assasinating the members of the unit precious to Kyou Kai? Why bother helping out the other battlefields on the Qin side?
Also, she's from the same tribe as Kyou Kai. Kyou Kai only avenged her sister by killing the Shiyuu title holder from the Yuu tribe and her posse. Kyou Kai didn't destroy the entire Shiyuu clan.

This new character also doesn't seem to care about the rules. My guess is she doesn't care about what Kyou Kai did. She probably just curious why Kyou Kai is playing soldier and how strong Kyou Kai is.

The only thing is she has a dark enjoyment of killing that clashes deeply with the Hi Shin army's culture/values. If she ends up joining the unit, I wonder how it will be resolved.

Along with Kyukai getting back on her feet, the Hi Shin army will make a comeback and blow past the other two prodigy armies.

But, who knows what'll happen. I'm just speculating :)

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