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Title: Katabami to Ougon Extras & Announcement
Post by: murakumo on September 12, 2021, 11:49:25 am
Katabami to Ougon


This is a belated announcement of the fact that after seven years I have retired from scanlation. This is not an entirely voluntary decision, but a necessary one. Translating is still a passion of mine and I have not lost my love for the series I until recently enjoyed working on. I am not in trouble with the law, and I'm not leaving because RoyalBlue is leaving, it's just that we're both getting old and our decisions coincided. We have been running the group together for a while now, but I tend to fade into the background. Without my help and supervision it will be difficult for the team to continue working on Shoukoku no Altair and Katabami to Ougon, and as those series are not in great demand anyway it makes sense to drop them. I regret relinquishing Shoukoku no Altair in particular, but the (slapdash and inferior) English version can be purchased in digital format. All I can offer for Katabami to Ougon at this juncture is a couple of educational doodles produced by the creator, accompanied by my usual rambling about historical facts which I doubt many readers have the time for. To be perfectly honest, I have never tried to please the manga fans, whether they supported my efforts or not. I done it all for myself.

Thank you to the many team members who have endured my nagging and meddling and high standards since 2014. It's been a ride, and I hope you'll miss me a little bit. Cheerio.

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Title: Re: Katabami to Ougon Extras & Announcement
Post by: vandebay on September 12, 2021, 04:56:14 pm
Thank you for everything you've done! Wishing you the best of luck for your future endeavours, and I'm sure you'll sorely be missed by everyone.
Title: Re: Katabami to Ougon Extras & Announcement
Post by: Masaru76 on September 12, 2021, 10:41:20 pm
You too Murakumo! :°°°°)
Really saddened from your departure (i read all of your work and notes and really appreciated yours dedication to the details, really difficult to try elsewhere) and for the dropping of shoukoku no altair, a really great series that i discovered and appreciated thanks to your hard work on it and which i probably will not read again in future without you (because i pay only for the versions translated in my home language and SnA is not licensed in italy, yet :( )

Thank you for everything and have a good RL!
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