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Title: Chapter 680
Post by: JAC on June 02, 2021, 04:32:28 pm
I’m not sure what to think about this chapter but we’ve gotten a more in-depth look at what makes the Kan Ki army so special. What’s really keeping everyone together? For some, it’s the spoils of conquest, for others it’s the sheer thrill of getting away with things you normally can’t, then there’s Kan Ki, the enigma who not even his closest allies understand. Question? Would you stay or abandon Kan Ki too? What's keeping Rai Do, Rin Gyoku, Koku'ou and the rest? Anyway, I'm beginning to think he had no real plan and that he left things in the hands of his men believing it would all somehow work out fine in the end, what a disaster and to me nowhere near reminiscent of one of the six.
Title: Re: Chapter 680
Post by: Tyr on June 02, 2021, 08:27:19 pm
I think it's the thrill of getting away w/ it, winning, killing, etc... a sick thrill but there it is...

Also, just that, being an army is safer than being bandits.  Most of those guys probably didn't have many life choices before being bandits, so now, its, Kanki's army or go back to being bandits... this way, they're the hunters and not the hunted.

Its funny, up until your post I had no clue of a potential Kanki strategy.  But now I see one.

Lose.  lose badly, lose badly publicly.  Because like you're saying, everyone knows, Kanki's soldiers are ex bandits and therefore, all about themselves.  They don't care enough to sacrifice their lives for Qin, they'd run.

But... what if they DON'T run?  What if they make it look like they're running, and, peel off... retreat back into the woods like Raido, or other spots?

Kanki likes decentralized strategies where each unit basically acts by itself, like a swarm.  He could be planning to flank the F*** out of Zhao.  I wouldn't be surprised if Raido fakes running away, only to hit the army Hi Shin is facing from the side, giving them just enough 'space' to take that cliff.
Title: Re: Chapter 680
Post by: Jeorgie on June 03, 2021, 05:15:04 pm
To be honest “Kanki’s” style isn’t that much different from just a regular army it’s just his flair that makes them stand out.

Like once you break it down, all in all it’s just “seperate” armies led by him to which he basically just gives broad directives and let’s them use their own initiative to achieve them as commanders in the field again can always decide what to do when the chips are down.

But contrary to this I suppose, you also can’t exactly read them either as each unit kinda does it’s own thing sorta like when Duke Hyou fought Keisha and there was a strict order too Keisha’s subordinates to not do anything and thus show no “grand plan”.

To why you’d join, I guess yeah it’s like choice between a Pirate or a Privateer, in essence it’s the same but with one at least you know you have a safe harbour and someone’s paying you on top of well what you find on the high seas.
Title: Re: Chapter 680
Post by: Tyr on June 04, 2021, 12:49:34 am
Well, his flair is a big part of it.  But, Raido clan, for example, was a 'clan' lead by Raido before joining Kanki, and, before joining Qin's army.  That's unusual.

Its why "flame hare" works and why there's that one disturbing clan who specializes in torture, etc.  his army isn't really one group with one personality, it's Kanki doing Kanki, while leading a bunch of individual clans who barely even seem to like each other.  It only works because they never do anything expected by traditional forces.

Title: Re: Chapter 680
Post by: Jeorgie on June 04, 2021, 02:15:56 am
What actually I’m more interested in is whether Kanki has a clan or not? Or is the army his “clan”

Like obviously we had flashbacks from Raido that they were a small time brigands once upon a time then I assume with time and wins each of Kanki’s deputies sorta filled out their clan much like how soldiers get drafted to various armies. Much like in the chapter Ring smthing smthing basically just gets the stragglers to join his clan.
Title: Re: Chapter 680
Post by: Tyr on June 04, 2021, 11:41:15 pm
He was.  If I remember correctly, Kanki was a bandit leader who killed a good amount of Qin generals sent to remove him and his bandit clan from Qin lands.  Eventually, I think, Mougou, with Ousen, beat Kanki, and, given how many generals he'd beaten, he was offered a minor general position rather than death.

That guy Maron and a few others are probably "Kanki clan."  Basically, the ones that ride with Kanki as his core force, and aren't associated with the other clans- that would be the Kanki clan, I'd say.  but it's redundant to call them that, in the Kanki army.
Title: Re: Chapter 680
Post by: Jeorgie on June 07, 2021, 05:48:50 am
Oh yeah yeah but I mean like is Kanki’s clan basically just the handful of “generals”/drinking buddies of the old days when they were still just simple bandits or does he actually have like a family of soldiers that he sits around with like in the Koko smthing smthing forest battle, you had like Raido, Marron, Genou leading their clans as 10,000 man armies but does Kanki himself also have a core force he directs personally or he just one guy pointing figures.

For example like Ousen has his army and also his right hand man Akou and once upon a time left hand man Makou with their respective armies but still directly serving under the Ousen main army is also Denrimi and Sou’ou.
Title: Re: Chapter 680
Post by: Tyr on June 08, 2021, 09:48:04 pm
I dunno, man, we'd have to ask Hara.  I don't think its been explicitly said


-Kanki has a main core army
-Kanki had a main core army, but, they mostly retired or died and now only his truly loyal guys are left
-Kanki had a main core army, but when he absorbed other bandit forces, he put members of his core army in the other forces, the way that one (ex) kanki soldier joined Hi Shin.  To keep an eye on them and to integrate them
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