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Title: Kingdom 677
Post by: Tyr on April 24, 2021, 10:19:08 am
Hara-sama (through some minor character):

"I don't know how that bandit thinks, but you were wrong in your prediction.  Kanki's plan wasn't to back off and take the glory for himself."


"This is why I can't quit you.  Never leave us"

Edit: I should probably digest first, but now I think Kanki's plan was: to both fuck with Shin and use Shin to win.  Make Shin sit and watch Ouhon die, knowing, he'd charge in angry and slightly recklessly as soon as given the "ok." 

Kanki's real plan would start from there...  And really I'm just piggybacking on Mouten.  But, I think once Shin upends the field again, Kanki starts moving. 

Unless Hi Shin smashes.  (Fingers crossed)
Title: Re: Kingdom 677
Post by: Jeorgie on April 26, 2021, 06:22:03 pm
Lol to make a short story shorter....

Qin Playbook:

When you need to win and you have no chance in hell, put Ouhon and Shin together - they’ll figure it out :)
Title: Re: Kingdom 677
Post by: Tyr on April 29, 2021, 09:20:03 pm
Reread, I can't wait for next chapter. 

I think Ouhon will survive.  I do not think the Gyouko Hyou or whateverhisunit will.  I think his unit is done.  Ouhon will probably be seriously injured as well.  (and no, I never read raws, I could be totally wrong or right, dunno)

I also think Ousen 'recognizes' Mouten, and wants him on team Ousen.  But, I think Mouten thinks Ousen's a total sh*t.

Ouhon will be back one day, but I think what's about to happen is, Hi Shin and Mouten's whateverhisunit both start ignoring orders and fighting as they want to, because they both dislike the great generals that want to order them around.

kanki gets demoted, Shin and Mouten, after Zhao falls, are 5th and 6th great generals. 

Ouhon probably is a broken kid for a while, after his unit is destroyed, but, bounces back eventually.  These are my guesses
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