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Title: Chapter 659
Post by: JAC on November 01, 2020, 11:05:59 am
It took me a while to grasp why Man U is so insistent on wanting to speak with Mou Bu and to be honest I didn’t get it at first but I think he’s talking about deceit and all of its deceptive limbs. I believe he’s talking about Shou Hei Kun (SHK), probably, and I mean probably, but maybe Man U has some sort of connection with SHK and why Ju Ko Ou (JKO) insists on speaking with Mou Bu as well. This could be the reason why they believe that they are not Chu but at the same time they are (Ch.654-Pg.20). Also, in the previous chapter JKO said that they were never meant to protect Juuko so is he suggesting that they were meant to protect SHK and his duly yet sorely anticipated reign of Chu? I would also like to mention that while JKO does state the reason for not being Chu yet they are, it’s only his and not Man U’s or the other generals’ words but I could be wrong. Suddenly, these characters have depth and some sort of mystery surrounding them.
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