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Title: Chapter 646
Post by: JAC on July 02, 2020, 06:26:04 pm
Just read the chapter and it's not what I expected. I actually feel sorry for Ri Boku, Kaine and the Prince. Immediately I felt like I was pulled right into the center of all this, I felt what they felt, that heavy sensation you get right at the center of your chest, mouth turns dry and it's hard to swallow, man that was pure doom and gloom. It sucks to be an empath lol. By now, Shin must realize or at the very least deduce that they are going through a similar situation that he and Ei Sei had with his younger brother. That situation tested everyone's limits and made them stronger, he can personally attest to that. So, if they endure this will turn into an uphill battle for Qin. All in all, this is an excellent chapter not because it messed with my emotions but because of the stark reality that this is closer to the truth, a dose realism at play, and that makes it's so much more enjoyable. God I love Kingdom.
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