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Title: Chapter 601
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I like how we get to observe what’s going on with everyone involved on both sides. But, to my disappointment we didn’t get anything about Ou Hon’s official position and strategy. Also, we didn’t get any more news on whether or not any other machinations exist within Gyou, and if so, who set them in motion? I’m also interested to know just exactly how much of the food supply remains at their disposal, is it even a concern yet? Are the doors about ready to burst open with crazed citizens? These people have been cooped up for almost two weeks that’s enough to drive anyone mad.
Title: Re: Chapter 601
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Title: Re: Chapter 601
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Regarding the food supplies, they’re supposed to be completely depleted right now but it seems partly due to the massive losses of man (less mouths to feed) they’ve been able to make do by eating the dead horses. 
Regarding Gyou, 2 weeks is nothing for a siege, cities have held firm for tremendously longer amounts of time. But with the situation created by Ouken and Kanki (packed with refugees and a large part of the food supply destroyed), the tension of the siege combined with the lack of food and overpopulation should soon enough create violence and therefore unrest inside the cities that the soldiers outside will be able to exploit.