Author Topic: Line Splitting in DCl is Greater than HCl on within an IR Spectrum because...  (Read 5369 times)

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Screw it, order of replies are completely random according to my whimsical whims.

Hey, you could always give Vargs to me ;D

I'm afraid I can't do that, sorry :(  I need Vargs, she plays an integral role in the construction of my harem.  However, you can always feel free to join and spend more time with her that way :D

then just stay love triangle XD

Triangle?  Nay!  I must build a love dotetracontagon!  (A 42 sided figure)

Lol cyclo will undoubtedly have that harem.
I am a free spirit!! No one can have meeeeee!
you're mine <3

NEVER!  I need her to expand my harem <3  But you can join it as well~ I the only one who pirates everything?

Depends, I don't pirate books because used book stores are awesome, and I just like the feeling of paper.  That said, music, junky movies, and a few other things...  I pirate those.  Although I've started buying it all now, at least when I have the funds because I like supporting quality.

What am I seeing? Incest between the Proofreaders? O.O

I'm glad I'm not the only new staff member here. Nice to meet you, Cyclo *shakes your hand vigorously*
Hmm, you like knight tales and the like? Do you watch/read Game of Thrones by any chance?

It's more like a proofreading orgy at this point :P 

Nice to meet you too!  That said, I'm new to the forums here but I've been lurking/slacking on irc for a while now.  I've read all of the Song of Ice and Fire series..  And found it amazing.  I hope the next book doesn't take 15 years to come out.  *insert many a cuss word here about how the TV series was amazingly addictive*  I watched the entire season over 2 nights, (tuesday/wednesday of this week) and fell horribly behind on school work.  Hence spending several hours thursday morning doing a quantum lab do that afternoon and frying my brain.

And wow. Dammit. My list of things I need to read/watch/try is already insanely long, but....... that sounds awesome. The Arthurian legends were my childhood fairytales, so I guess I'm adding another book to my list of fifty million. ALSO SHIIIIT, you have the Prince of Nothing series. I heard good recommendations for it. c: The first book is sitting in the pile of to-be-read on my desk next to House of Leaves and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book three.

Prince of Nothing is great!  I'm waiting for the White Luck Warrior right now.  Actually, it's probably out and I just don't have it.  I need to fix this fact, at some point.  Some point soon.  I liken the Prince of Nothing series to a dark version of Tolkien's happy go lucky Lord of the Rings series.

I think that was everyone....  I'll have to look through this all at some point to see if I actually got it all.
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I shall never join your harem!!!!!!
No matter how Hemony may try


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pft I´m not in any harem, I just train guys to love between them XD
as cyclo already is on THAT side, you don´t need to have any interesting relationship with him, (y)aoi XD