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Unleash X Boost Pull-ups and push-ups develop muscles in the arms and chest. As your stamina develops, increase your weight, but do it gradually. Muscles get used to the load, so you need to increase it, otherwise they will stop growing. To build muscle it is important to keep muscles under stress, change the number of approaches and repetitions. Optimal repetition of each exercise from eight times per approach. Do not forget the rest for the muscles. They need plenty of time to recover and put on weight. Ideally, with active strength training you need to take a break in one or two days. You need to sleep at least 8 hours. Come to our room and do as much as you need. We will provide comfort and convenience. Here you will find all the necessary simulators and shells. If necessary, provide a personal trainer. Leave the application, we are waiting for you! How to pump up the pectoral muscles girl coming to the gym, most girls want to pump round ass and have a flat stomach. However, physical exertion is necessary for all muscle groups without exception, including the pectoral muscles. Why pump chest muscles there is a stereotype that pumped pectoral muscles can make a manly figure, in fact, everything happens the other way around. Inflated chest muscles make the figure more feminine, as they help to lift the chest, it begins to seem bigger. In addition, exercises on the pectoral muscles contribute to the improvement of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, they help to develop the overall strength of the upper body. Such exercises should be an integral part of your gym program. Those girls who go to the hall for weight loss, you need to remember that when training the pectoral muscles you burn a large number of calories, as there is a large muscle area. Refusal to exercise this muscle group and the continuation of training hands, back and other parts of the body can lead to the development of muscle imbalance. Your posture may deteriorate, the shape will seem ridiculous, and your chest will look bony.