Author Topic: Would like to draw an anime cartoon !! (Please tell me a little)  (Read 24 times)

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* Want to draw an anime style, must start from where? TT
..... is the JTT. I've seen one brother who knows each other You can draw a cartoon like that. Oh! This is an empty cartoonist. Everyone who saw the cartoon that he had painted was shocking. We also want to draw.
We tried to open the drawing internet accordingly. But in the end, it came out to be very shabby. ราคาบอลไหล

We just want to know who the person he can draw from, where we are from, we like to write fiction. But when I read it, it was not .. !! Would like to draw more pictures We thought of drawing it out. The hero must be here. The heroine must be here, but when he draws horrible ... I just want to ask if my hand goes with my emotions or practice from? There are also tips to tell.
** Thank you for telling the value ^^ ** RB88