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Chapter 567
« on: July 24, 2018, 02:38:17 pm »
I prefer to avoid engaging in speculation, but it’s all I’ve got. It’s just a hunch and hope it comes across as sound and valid, after all, I don’t have any hard facts except the rations to justify my assumption, so I’ll just dive right to it. What if, Ou Sen decides to evacuate? For argument's sake, I will continue to express that what little rations remain is not enough to continue the struggle any longer. He picks up Kan Ki, they then appear behind the Quanrong, allowing Yo Tan Wa the perfect opportunity to escape. As it stands, she has nowhere to go except straight through her enemy. Despite this, the only great comfort she has right now is that the bulk of her army has assembled around her (like a hive protecting its queen).

Ch555 Pg.07&08   I believe that Ou Sen and Kan Ki think alike in this regard. They know when enough is enough.