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Username: smallone
Version of Photoshop: Photoshop CC
Time zone: GMT+8
Age Group: 18-21
Availability Schedule: 5pm to 12am (Everyday), Saturday and Sundays are completely free
Preferred Projects: Orient
Previous work/experience: (Under the name of hinata_boKE in multiple categories)
(I would put Meraki in here, but it was as a typesetter and translator)
Any additional information you feel is relevant: English is my first language, I've translated the Japanese chapters of Haikyuu!! (main series) when we could find them, and the Let's HQ series.

We're actually way more in need of typesetters than proofreaders, so...

If that is the case, then I wouldn't mind being typesetter for Orient. My typesetting experience is all in the list above, so if there is a test, feel free to send it my way.


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