Author Topic: Chapter 560  (Read 4422 times)

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Chapter 560
« on: May 29, 2018, 05:31:18 pm »
The way in which Shin takes Gaku Ei out seems almost too easy even for him. If anything, this confirms that he can indeed handle Ou Ki’s glaive and can treat it as an extension of himself. Something I believe he had trouble with in the past. So, does this mean that if he were to take on old foes again would things be any different? Maybe. But the past is history. No sense in trying to debate what ifs. One thing is certain, Shin’s martial acuity just got, how shall I put it, more precise. Perhaps now he can practice with the shield Duke Hyou gifted him. Hey, Sei? Please have it shipped courier ASAP, thanks bud.

Ch.560 Pg.03   A new Shin. A more poised Shin. (His eyes look kinda swollen)