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Chapter 556


None of this makes any sense. Zhao’s veterans, as depicted by the map, have all just decided to fight on Qin’s terms. That’s crazy! Talk about taking the bait lol. What about Ou Hon’s forces? Are they going to be ignored? Do they believe that he is not worth defending against? What if he decides to divide his unit in two and attack Chou Ga Ryuu before attacking Gaku’ei? That they have chosen to play by Qin’s strategy seems a little too convenient for me. And seriously, the defensive formation A Kou’s men have taken isn’t convincing at all. Too many empty pockets. I guess it serves as a buffer to reduce the collision between them but I'm still not convinced. Anyhow, it seems to be working.

Ch.556 Pg.13&14

I could be wrong but Ou Sen’s behavior seems a little odd as if he has disengaged himself from this battle. We may never see him make another strategic move except for maybe when he gives the order to evacuate Zhao (I hope this won't be the case). Compared to Ri Boku, Ou Sen is not the type to tempt fate with his life, even if it meant that he could personally turn the tide in his favor and save others. He’s not that character.

Ch.223 Pg.15

Ch.373 Pg.11


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