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Chapter 555


I trust Kan Ki is just letting Ma Ron believe that they will abandon this mission to avoid a mutiny, right?

It’s been a long time since Ou Hon got on Shin’s bad side but this just reminded him who Ou Hon really is.

Pretty obvious that Ou Hon’s plan will backfire. But, why?

And finally, I’m getting tired of Ri Boku always claiming the same thing. That he knows, "the Akou army’s weakness." He said the same about Kan Ki and yet he hasn’t done anything to stop him. 

Ch.555 Pg.06  This glimpse inside Gyou contradicts the supposed 20 day's worth of rations. Kinda questionable, don't you think?

It’s total BS! A Kou knows they only need one army against Gaku’ei. Nothing personal against Ou Hon but in my opinion the HSU is more than enough. Ou hon should assist A Kou. It’s sensible and demonstrates that A Kou has a good grasp on managing key resources. And who knows, this may even prevent the backfire. But, there's one important element we can't ignore. Will Shin allow his sniper to take out the enemy commander? I don't think so.

HSU key points that make them the ideal unit for this job:

* Specialty - Slaying enemy commanders.
* Two, not one, freaks of nature (Shin and Kyou Kai).
* Super long-range assault team (Jin & Tan).
Ch.493 Pg.04


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