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Username: MJ
Version of Photoshop:     CS6
Time zone:                EST
Age Group:               21+
Availability Schedule: Most weekday nights (3-4 hours each day) and weekends
Preferred Projects: I'd prefer Adventures of Sinbad since I'm most familiar with it, but open to others.
Previous work/experience: None of importance.
Any additional information you feel is relevant: I know I won't be perfect since I don't have any real experience, but I'm sure I can pick it up fairly quickly, especially with a little guidance!

Hi MJ, thanks for applying.

Test: Sense-scans Typesetting Test
All you need is in that zip file.

If you are new to typesetting, please take a look at Typesetting 101

You have until Jan 20th to complete this test.

Please PM me your test when you complete it.

Good luck


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