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Username : elango
Version of Photoshop: 7.0,manga studio 5.0.1&clip studio 1.9.2
Time zone: india
Age Group:
Male,19 year's old
Availability Schedule:  night 7pm to 10pm India time
Preferred Projects: kingdom
Previous work/experience:  none
 I am a mechatronics engineer student
additional information: I want be mangaka .So  my work has to be good  and  I want people enjoy my work,but I am super newbie to manga .So I want some experience on the manga carrier.
Thank you for your time

Hi Elango, thanks for applying.

Test: Sense-scans Typesetting Test
All you need is in that zip file.

If you are new to typesetting, please take a look at Typesetting 101

You have until Jan 16th to complete this test.

Please PM me your test when you complete it.

Good luck



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