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Username:                        illitys (nickname I go by when typesetting)
Version of Photoshop:        Adobe PS CC 2018
Time zone:                        -5 GMT
Age Group:                       21+
Availability Schedule:         Mostly week-ends, can work in the evening during the week if need be
Preferred Projects:             No preference

Previous work/experience: A few chapters of Aharen-san wa Hakarenai, Ginpaku no Paladin, Madan no Ou to VanadisHaikyuu and Rokudenashi Blues (with FA Scans)
A sample of my work:

Any additional information you feel is relevant: Currently with FA Scans, but I have some extra free time and thought I can help out. I am still a newbie looking for more experience in typesetting

Hi illitys, thanks for applying.

Test: Sense-scans Typesetting Test
All you need is in that zip file.

If you are new to typesetting, please take a look at Typesetting 101

You have until Jan 10th to complete this test.

Please PM me your test when you complete it.

Good luck

Hi illitys,

Taking a look at your test, some of the most glaring mistakes are that your font sizes are way too large, you tend to use the wrong fonts at some parts, and you seem to have missed some ts where the text were redrawn.

However you seem to have a decent grasp of bubble shaping and it seems that you are still slowly improving so I don't mind training you.
Congratulations, you have passed!

There will be a pm sent to you shortly on how to join us.


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