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Author Topic: Chapter 541  (Read 3992 times)

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Chapter 541
« on: December 13, 2017, 09:21:48 pm »
I held back last week about what unfolded in the second half of the chapter, specifically the part where Ou Hon takes the time to deliver a resounding speech. Mainly because it seemed out of character and I wasn't sure he'd ever express himself this way before. It’s only after reading this latest chapter that I’m convinced he’s after more than just winning. It’s more than just a win that he can place over his mantel as a trophy. I believe he wants to prove to all but more so to his father that he is not the person he thinks he is.   

Phantasmal. This is how Rinshoujo an equal to Ren Pa is described. And so, I take it his men share similar attributes. What disturbs me more is that this signifies without a doubt that they are equally dangerous. If we take the premonition serious, even after so many years, Ou Sen's army can't avoid a devastating blow. And going by how grief-stricken they were about their old master’s demise I’d say they were fueled by nothing more than conviction but that's all some soldiers really need anyway.

Ch.540 Pg.16