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In celebration of Immortal reaching a year of publication we're hosting a small giveaway!
The prize up for grabs is the first physical volume of the official publication 'To Your Eternity', as well as the pre-orders for volumes 2-5.
To enter you can make a post on this thread mentioning who your favourite character is and what your most memorable moment is thus far. You also must have Amazon service available in your country.
We will draw a winner on November 8th, and the cutoff date is November 5th. All posts made after November 5th will not be taken into consideration. Good luck everyone!

My favorite character is Parona and the most memorable moment for me was when the original boy who Fushi is now died and asked Fushi never to forget about him. That scene still makes me tear up a bit 😢

Parona is my favorite character, what a boss.
But my most memorable moment was when March died :(

Parona is the best and my favorite. Most memorable scene was when March dreamed she was an adult...

I would say my favorite character is Fushi, it feels kind of like a cheat to use the main character but I just really like seeing how he grows, especially since he started from less than a baby, and I think Fushi is a very interesting protagonist.

The most memorable moment for me so far would probably be when Fushi and Gugu meet up after Gugu ran away, and Gugu says that Fushi is "cooler as a monster" after Fushi saved him from people who were attacking him because his face was scary.


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