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Chapter 530
« on: September 08, 2017, 07:27:30 pm »
Ou Sen asked Shin for Ki Sui’s head – right, but everyone is after the same thing. Is this the most effective way to get it done? Is more than one man really necessary or is it asking for trouble? A little competition with your fellow officer is healthy, but Mou Ten and Ma Kou are just a little too greedy for their own good. Their arrogance might actually interfere with Shin’s foremost priority. It feels like this one chance at success (to become a general) just got that much more challenging when everyone is gunning for the same thing.

Okay, so how many of you think Ri Boku didn’t come alone? According to Ki Sui, Ri Boku kept a close eye on every square inch of the battleground. Makes perfect sense, Ri Boku is no mere strategist. Perhaps, this whole process up until this very instant is part of his ploy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he devised a plan that would encircle Shin and the others. The same way he lured and snared Ou Ki. It’s possible that he may have danced to Ou Sen’s tune only to carry out a more destructive blow himself. Makes you think, who is leading whom?

Ch.530 Pg.03