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Chapter 514
« on: April 17, 2017, 11:58:50 am »
It’s official Ordo is the most inefficient general that I’ve seen either that or Yan is desperate for any kind of help. I mean, c’mon, how did he not grasp that they could just as easily attack his land as he did theirs...isn’t this common knowledge in warfare. Besides, isn’t he a mountain general of sorts. Does that, not mean anything? According to this, when the time comes for Qin to invade I highly doubt that Yan will be able to respond accordingly.

As for Ousen, I can only surmise that he intends to continue pillaging the remaining cities situated along Gyou. Glad he didn’t kill the citizens but I think the reason for this has to do with a hidden agenda. Here’s what I’m getting at, some time ago back way back in chapter 369 (when Ryo Fui was still in power) he was in cahoots with a man by the name of Kaku Kai who desperately wanted to rid Zhao of its current prime minister, Ri Boku. At the same time, Shou Hei Kun had a spy within Zhao, who possibly may have been after the same thing, but I can’t be sure of that. Anyway, now that Ryo Fui is no longer in office, he can’t influence Kaku Kai but that doesn’t mean that Kaku Kai isn’t influenced by another source, in fact he may have his own agenda. Of course, this is somewhat conjecture on my behalf. One thing is certain Kaku Kai is after Ri Boku’s job. But how is he to get it? Maybe thru the act of defamation. This seems likely, though however you look at it, Ri Boku is being attacked from all sides, poor soul. What do you think?