Author Topic: Chapter 512  (Read 2031 times)

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Chapter 512
« on: April 04, 2017, 10:43:34 am »
I’m impressed. Ri Boku has spared no expense. Gyou’s fort is reinforced with a moat and a massive watch tower. To be honest, I expect a few more medieval tricks from Ri Boku as we continue. I take it this is what he meant when he said Ou Sen should take a look for himself. Maybe he hoped it would discourage Qin from further assault and consider retreat. It has instead the opposite effect on Ou Sen. He has decided to continue his invasion. I think it’s a mistake. They’re abandoning their only escape route and any possible chance to obtain supplies should the need arise. And to make matters worse, Ou Sen’s disappearance lost them four precious days, but on the bright side we now know that Zhao’s capital is about two days away and Qin has had plenty of rest. I wonder what Ou Sen has come up with. Does he plan on attacking the smaller cities leading to Gyou or is he going after Kantan instead? Let’s not forget that despite the current situation, however dangerous it may seem, they have an ally nearby, Qi.