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New Key Visual Art and PV for Shouko no Altair!


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PV Translation

Text: Rumeliana Continent
Text: Turkiye Stratocracy/Devleti/Pasaligi/Whatever
Text: Kubbe Alti
Text: Turkiye's pyramid structure (Vizier, Pasha, Bey etc)
Text: Five spirits of Ermism
Text: 12 years ago, Tughril Village was destroyed in the war with the Balt-Rhein Empire.
Text: Our story starts here...
Text: The time of peace is coming to an end. Only one year left before the Great Rumeliana war, which involved every nation on the continent.
Text: Turkish calendar year 75, 11th of April. Hisar revolt.
Text: The man who built Turkiye a spy network in five years, Suleyman.
Text: The conflict begins at sea...
Text: Phoenix's Great Lighthouse
Text: Kulak - Cyrus
Text: Same year, 12th of May. The First Battle of Phoenicia.
Text: Strongest navy in Centro, the Venedik Fleet.
Text: Commander of the Brega Private Army - Abiriga
Text: War approaches, and Greater Turkiye decides to change its system, but...
Text: Four Sultanates



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