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« on: March 19, 2017, 10:02:55 am »
Hi guys!

I'm Ploush and I decided to register on this forum since you seem to need some redrawers, cleaners, typesetters
so I'm basically here to apply
Nevertheless I hope I'll have a good time here (even if I'm chosen to fill the roles).
I read several manga, and I absolutely love Kindgom (I also enjoy Magi and Sinbad no Bouken)


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Re: Hey!
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2017, 10:14:30 am »
Hello Ploush!
Thank you for registering and saying hello, it would be awesome if you're able to help out.
Don't be discouraged if at first you don't succeed, we have staff who are willing to help you out.
Everything in scanlation is based on time investment, visual judgement calls, and letting your creative juices flow!
It all becomes easier the longer you spend doing it (I've been at it for 6+ years now and I still mess things up from time to time).
Also Kingdom is just so good lately, hard to pass up reading it. Xyros is doing an amazing job with the Cleaning. The latest chapters have been wicked awesome.
Thank you very much for your time, hopefully we'll see more of you around!