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Chapter 504
« on: January 29, 2017, 05:22:28 pm »
So much is taking place right now, but the moment we’ve all been waiting for seems to be just around the corner. All hell is about to break loose as they penetrate deeper into Zhao territory. The hype is off the hook. I literally have goosebumps. Undoubtedly, the HSU’s new recruits have them too. They realize their turn to do battle is inevitable, but who can blame them. If anything, it will make them stronger, that’s if, they manage to survive. 8^)

Allow me, for a moment, to focus on Shou Hei Kun’s ambiguous remark. He said that the HSU’s unique strengths would soon be essential. Besides the obvious, is there something we missed? Is he suggesting that between the three independent armies (GHU, HSU, and GKU), the HSU have an extraordinary ability to cope with the irregular? I’m not sure what he meant by this, I do know that the HSU has always been unique in more ways than one. By the way, did anyone notice Na Ki’s nostalgic moment as he watched Kan Ki’s army engage the Zhao? I thought this was a bit odd given he abandoned them, but it does demonstrate that he’s not insensitive which is comforting to see as he is now a member of the HSU.

Hurray, we finally reach Retsubi ahead of time. And, just when I thought that Ou Sen’s army would engage, he doesn’t, instead he hands over the opportunity to none other than Yo Tan Wa and the HSU. Was this his plan all along? Maybe it was, but his tact makes me uncomfortable. Is it just me, or does Ou Sen seem suspicious in that last panel. Maybe it's just a healthy sense of paranoia, after all, he isn't easy to gauge. Anyway, the HSU’s moment to shine has arrived. Upping the ante, Ten mentions that this place is similar to Kankuko Pass. My guess is, she meant it’s just as fortified so no surprise there, yet something tells me they’re going to have a tough time getting through. But, they have something they didn’t have before, and that’s the diversity of people they’ve gathered along the way, forming what I believe is a unique set of individuals equipped to deal with many unique scenarios. Did I just answer my own question, lol?

What do you think? Will Kan Ki trickle down to nearby cities to indulge his senses (to pillage and commit unreasonable mass murder after he’s done with the resistance), or will he quickly catch up with the rest of the gang asap?