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Chapter 500
« on: December 26, 2016, 02:44:54 pm »
I forget, deception is the name of the game. Just goes to show, how much Ou Sen has evolved as a tactician. To deceive the Zhao into thinking that the stockpile of resources is actually as presumed, suggests that the spies are either inept at gathering intelligence or that Ou Sen and his men are good at what they do. We can also say, if he falls for this deception, that Ri Boku has lost his sense to discern between an illusion and the underlying action behind Ou Sen’s every move. However, it’s still too early to pass judgement, I think he will perceive Ou Sen’s true intentions soon enough. 8^)

Shin and the others seem to be basking in the limelight while Yo Tan Wa shares some good advice with Ten. This is good they should spend more time together as this can only be fruitful. Rewind a bit, and Riboku appears to request someone we’ve yet to see, General Kochoui, “Guarding Deity of the Royal Capital.” Has Zhao been hiding an ace all this time, and does this general trump over Hou Ken’s might? A familiar face, General Ki Sui from Rigan, is called for as well. Do I sense foreshadowing? Are they to become the HSU’s first adversary or will they simply aim for Kanki’s head? Overall, will this tip the scale in Zhao’s favor? So far, Qin seems to have the advantage and not just with numbers, yet it’s still too early to pinpoint as to how all this will playout so your guess is as good as mine.

Here’s what I see, Ou Sen prepared an underground facility three months before moving forward with this mission, suggesting that his role as Supreme Commander was set beforehand, it’s amazing that it was kept secret considering the infiltration of spies. Digging a little deeper, it’s obvious Ou Sen set his own plan in motion while Shou Hei Kun and the rest were still in the planning phase. Does this suggest that he had no intention to adhere to their plan or that he simply had very little faith in their plan to begin with? Who knows? It does however suggest that he finds no one in Qin as his equal. If so, is he underestimating Ri Boku, as well?