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Chapter 495
« on: November 01, 2016, 08:50:49 pm »
Funny how, even as events continue to unfold, King Ei Sei’s unification goal manages to come together in an unprecedented fashion. Is it, perhaps, the will of his predecessors? Maybe why, he is so determined to challenge what most, if not all, see as impossible. Now that the King has unofficially exonerated Ri Shi, his prime objective should take root within Qin well before any state is overthrown. Don’t you agree? I mean, what else is there? From my perspective, in order for this new system of law to work it needs a foundation, and what better place than Qin itself, despite the fact it’s the aggressor. It won’t be easy. People, in general, are not fond of change. Officials in and out of Sei’s faction may rebel in secret against bureaucratic reform. I’m interested to see how they overcome this.

Halfway through the chapter and the atmosphere takes a turn for the worse. Ri Boku manages to put a wrinkle in Qin’s invasion plan (as if no one saw that coming). Judging by the number of raised eyebrows (and there were many), I expect things to get ugly, very ugly. Besides, what do they expect from Zhao’s leading commander? Ri Boku is not going to idly stand by while Qin gets stronger. And, just when I thought everything could no longer get melodramatic, Shou Hei Kun pulls Ou Ki’s classic move, everyone out! I wasn’t sure how to take that lol. Anyway, what bizarre play is he referring to, exactly? Is he indirectly suggesting that Shin, Mou Ten, and Ou Hon play key roles to bring Ri Boku down once and for all. Why do I think it’s still too early for the HSU to set out on such a critical assignment? One thing is certain, Ri Boku will not go easy on Shin and his unit. At any rate, it looks like things will finally shift to battlefield once again.

One last thing, I think it’s worth mentioning that Ri Shi is the only one that realized something was bugging the chief of military affairs. Quite perceptive, if you ask me. 8^)
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