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Chapter 494
« on: October 24, 2016, 07:17:29 pm »
What a revelation! Ri Shi may turn out to be an important source to Sei’s aim. Who would have guessed? The question is, will he play a critical role in Sei’s plans? At this point, you can’t ignore the bits and pieces purposely laid out from the very beginning. So, is there more we have yet to realize? For instance, back, way back in chapter 179, Shou Bun Kun managed to solve Qin’s flood control. At the time, this had very little meaning. Yet, I can't help but wonder if this is somehow relevant with future events. Here’s what I’m getting at, Sei’s radical transition to law means that for it to work certain criteria must be met and in place, right? We know that in order to fuse nations together there needs to be very little friction. Asking people to disregard religion and culture and to conform to new ideals is not the path to unity. Neither is forcing people to accept a new way of life, and finding the right medium isn’t easy either. I have noticed that the majority of peoples no matter what nation they hail from are divided into two categories, the military group, and the agricultural folk. Both, among other things, rely on economics. Therefore, developing roads and waterways is important. Each is a component of commerce that in turn, facilitates easier exchange of goods, money, and services. This, in my opinion, will slowly but surely help people come together. It may not cure their differences but at least they’ll have something in common. Bear in mind, this is not the answer to unification, and more of a mechanism to ease tension. 8^)

P.S: Looking back at past events, Sei has always been cerebral when it comes to preparation. Remember when he fixed Shou Bun Kun’s position as chancellor of the left, this allowed his party, however small, the right to decide on policy rather than just voice an opinion. In fact, this was such a clever move that Ryo Fui was taken by surprise. I’m not suggesting that I'm certain his position will be of major consequence with future events, but we can’t neglect the fact that’s he’s been instrumental to Sei’s goals from the beginning.
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