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Chapter 492 & 493
« on: October 17, 2016, 05:23:41 pm »
It seems like the flavor of the month for the HSU is the unique abilities it will amass from new recruits. For this reason, I’ve clumped the chapters together. I believe, they go hand in hand, removing the veil of secrecy surrounding the Ten Bows of China. As it turns out, Qin, although unofficial, did have an archer that bested Duke Haku of Wei. Who unbeknownst to us was also acknowledged as one of the Ten Bows. Unfortunately, he died quickly. On the bright side, his two boys have been inducted by the HSU. This should level the playing field against Chu to some degree. On a personal note, I can’t imagine the look on Riboku’s face when he hears of this. So far, it looks like Ten has all the bases covered but I hope she doesn’t overlook the fact that the unit also needs to concentrate on preventive measures, vulnerable strategist included. I hope you can see where I’m going with this. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the chapters and can sleep better at night knowing the HSU is better equipped to topple opposing forces. As Shin so eloquently put it, more power to them, as they keep moving forward. 8^)

Note: The newly mentioned members of the Ten Bows of China may not be part of the current active members for one reason or another.
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