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Author Topic: Chapter 491  (Read 1771 times)

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Chapter 491
« on: October 10, 2016, 07:13:55 pm »
What a tantalizing chapter this was, eh? King Ouken of Qi confirmed that Qin’s citizens still harbor ill feelings towards Zhao. I believe the feeling is mutual. Many, if not all, of Zhao’s citizens despise Qin, yet I can’t say the same for the younger generation. Anyway, who can blame them? Due to the lasting conflict between these two nations, people on either side will have a tough time setting aside petty differences, prejudices, and so on. Regardless how you look at it, things of this nature are never so lucid.

Meanwhile, in the audience hall, Riboku continues to press on insisting that Zhao will not stand for King Ei Sei’s ludicrous endeavor. Furthermore, adding that Qin’s mere generals are in fact no match for his keen intellect. Clearly, Riboku is expressing, in one way or another that Zhao would rather die before they merge as one. Okay, I get it. But, he ends the rant with some pretty bold claims. This is not the Riboku I’m used to. I expected a poised, methodical Riboku. What happened to deceit, misdirection, and all that jazz he’s well known for. That’s the Riboku I expected to see, guess he left his poker face home. 8^)