Author Topic: I want to help but I'm probably the most confused person...ever.  (Read 1706 times)

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I'm new here (Actually new. Like a newborn child on the site, I made this account to post this. ^^;). And I want to help in whatever way I can here!
I always see scans group pages needing help and I was one of those  readers that really couldn't do much and went on their way...But I think I could do things. 
Can anyone help me see if I can help (or tell me I probably can't :/) and guide me a bit? And examples for the jobs?
For the jobs available, I can typeset/proofread/qualitycheck and I can possibly clean...I say possibly because I can redraw and do basic cleaning, but as I browse on here there's a
lot of specific photoshops and things that I'm not familiar with. How necessary are specific ones, etc etc? This all looks more complicated than I thought it would be (not that I thought it
was super simple. noo!) and I'm just pretty basic. However, I can definitely figure things out and get better/learn all those complicated things if necessary.
(This comes across as me needing some sort of teacher, but I really just would like examples and descriptions).
I can translate Chinese, so manhuas or manhwas, but I don't know if that's really useful here.
My brother translates light novels in Japanese, so I can recognize basic Japanese (like SFX wouldn't be a problem). I also have a friend who is experienced in
digital art and photoshopping, so she could help me on that cleaning aspect.

(Sorry this is going to be a bit long...^^;)

Basically, I want to apply, but I don't really understand some things. If I were making a mock apply form, it would be like this:

Username: BigFatCat
Version of Photoshop:    @[email protected]
Versions of Topaz:         @[email protected]
Time zone:                    [CT]
Age Group:                 I'm on the bridge of 15-17..
Availability Schedule:     I'm generally busy. But if I invest much of my free time in this, I can generally be on every day after 2 or 5 PM, depending on the day.
Preferred Projects:         Magi is something I'm excited for, but I can do anything given.
Previous work/experience:  -
Additional information: (I'm confused right now.)

In spite of this long post, if you just wanna pop in and say "Sorry, you're probably ABSOLUTELY USELESS" don't be afraid to say so.
I just want to make sure I can help if I can and I want to.

<Also I draw manga and that requires skill in cleaning/typesetting when I'm scanning manuscript so I could gain experience from this.>
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Re: I want to help but I'm probably the most confused person...ever.
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Make a proper recruitment thread here:


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Re: I want to help but I'm probably the most confused person...ever.
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H-how do I delete this one? ^^;