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Releases / Re: To You, The Immortal Chapter 15
« Last post by CptnSuz on Today at 08:54:18 pm »
Thanks for the chapter!
Recruitment / Re: Proofreading -- Billguy
« Last post by milnivek on Today at 07:22:29 pm »
sorry, i fucked up. please ignore that one. I am sending you a new test right now. this one shouldn't fuck up...
Releases / Re: To You, The Immortal Chapter 17
« Last post by Kuroryu_23 on Today at 06:18:17 pm »
Thanks for the chapter!!!
Recruitment / Re: Proofreading -- Billguy
« Last post by Billguy on Today at 04:13:30 pm »
Just curious, am I supposed to be able to see the answers? Are those just things that may need fixing, or are they the actual answers? I'm asking because I'd like to avoid accidentally cheating on this.
Recruitment / Re: Proofreading -- Billguy
« Last post by milnivek on Today at 08:02:47 am »
pmed you your test
Recruitment / Re: Proofreading - n
« Last post by milnivek on Today at 08:02:06 am »
pmed you the test.
Recruitment / Re: Redrawer - Malprac
« Last post by Xyros on Today at 07:52:02 am »
Hello Malprac, thank you for applying! Here's the test.

Please PM me with your test in PSD format once you're done. Also please redraw on a seperate layer.

Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

You have until March 30th to complete this test!
Recruitment / Typesetter - Share
« Last post by Share on Today at 07:02:18 am »
Username: Share
Version of Photoshop: CC 2017
Time Zone: GMT +8:00
Age Group: 18-21
Availability Schedule: Monday- Thursdays, 0800-1600 GMT +8:00
Preferred Projects: Any is fine
Previous work/experience: None
Additional information: I did a few typesettings on Japanese Twitter artists' arts for my local community, as it's fun.
Releases / Re: Kino no Tabi Ch 01
« Last post by mwsmws22 on Today at 01:12:09 am »
Hmmm. My group was planning to release the series. We already did the prologue, and are halfway through this chapter. We will probably upload chapter 1 anyway to

I think the quality of our release is a bit better, in my opinion.

(click to show/hide)

However, I realize that I am in absolutely no position to ask you guys to stop.

What do you think I should do?
Releases / To You, The Immortal Chapter 17
« Last post by Tammi on March 21, 2017, 10:55:10 pm »
To You, The Immortal

As Royalblue mentioned we're currently looking to fill positions on the Maouyuu Maou Yuusha team.
From the amount of messages we've gotten from folks who are 'willing to do anything' for the project, you'd think we'd have a team by now haha.
If you'd like to see the project start releasing regularly please apply!
We hope you enjoy this release.

We are predominantly looking for Redrawers and Typesetters!

Read Online: SE Reader
Download: Comixology

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