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Recruitment / Re: Redrawer - GarpVA
« Last post by Royalblue on Today at 03:08:19 am »
Hi GarpVA,

Congratulations, you have passed our redrawing test.

Keep an eye out for the pm with instructions in the coming days.
Recruitment / Re: Redrawer - Selkellouti
« Last post by Royalblue on Today at 03:08:03 am »
Hi Selkellouti,

Congratulations, you have passed our redrawing test.

Keep an eye out for the pm with instructions in the coming days.
« Last post by Royalblue on Today at 03:00:29 am »
Hi Fishball,

Test: Sense-scans Typesetting Test
All you need is in that zip file.

If you are new to typesetting, please take a look at Typesetting 101

You have until Sep 28th to complete this test.

Please PM me your test when you complete it.

Good luck
Recruitment / Re: REDRAWER - DANIMALS
« Last post by Royalblue on Today at 02:59:32 am »
failed - no response
Recruitment / Re: ReDrawer - Rosart75
« Last post by Royalblue on Today at 02:58:28 am »
Hi Rosart75,

Unfortunately you have failed.

Thank you for applying.
Recruitment / Re: Redrawer - Banditelol
« Last post by Xyros on September 20, 2018, 09:04:27 am »
Hi Banditelol,

Thank you for applying! Here's your test.

Please PM Royalblue or me with your test in PSD format once you're done.

Best of luck! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

You have until Sep 27th to complete this test!
Recruitment / Redrawer - Banditelol
« Last post by banditelol on September 20, 2018, 02:33:09 am »
Username: Banditelol
Version of Photoshop: CC
Time zone: +7 [GMT]
Age Group: 21+
Availability Schedule: After 10 P.M. Before 8 A.M.
Preferred Projects: To Ypu, The Immortal
Previous work/experience: -
Releases / Re: Kingdom Chapter 573
« Last post by Adsixnine on September 19, 2018, 09:36:06 pm »
Thank you guys  :D :D
Releases / Re: Kingdom Chapter 573
« Last post by Saitamere on September 19, 2018, 04:46:58 pm »
That was literally EYE-POPPING for Rozo the king

Thanks for the chapter
Kingdom / Chapter 573
« Last post by JAC on September 19, 2018, 02:53:15 pm »
Tag team action seems to be the common theme in this arc. And while that’s all fine and dandy it’s hard to acknowledge a grand slam by Yo Tan Wa. The issue, which is debatable, the manner in which king Rozo is defeated, however, I blame him for his own death. No matter how difficult it is to accept we need to understand that he alone sanctioned the end result. Also, it’s my sentiment that Shun Sui Ju basically abandoned the Quanrong. I wonder, if Ri Boku had been in the same situation would he have done the same. I don’t think so. What I don’t understand is that by avoiding one problem he creates another. Meaning, the principal objective behind his every attempt was to secure Yo Tan Wa’s death. It’s also why he lured them away from Ri Boku and into Quanrong territory. To deliver them to the Quanrong, to shield Ri Boku from getting blindsided by another army, and to gain an advantage (as common sense dictates) the indigenous population is generally more familiar with their neck of the woods, especially the terrain versus outsiders. Well, what’s stopping Yo Tan Wa from doing so now? Nothing really. His poor judgement in this particular situation is a contradiction to the character he’s established thus far. This is not his typical modus operandi. You telling me, that he, or anyone with superior intellect can’t see how this drastically affects everything he’s worked for. I don't buy it. What happened to maintaining the upper hand?

Ch.571 Pg.06    A tribute to one of the strongest, King Rozo (aka Skull Crusher). Shin would have loved to go toe-to-toe with this monster. We salute you King Rozo!
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