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Kingdom / Chapter 575
« on: October 10, 2018, 05:35:48 pm »
I don’t get it, why is she willing to wait this out. I see a unique opportunity to increase the odds in Qin's favor. Yo Tan Wa could shoot provisions over Kan Ki’s way and possibly with enough to spare. They now sit within the security of a fortress and I’m almost certain they have the ability to gather enough food for more than three day's worth for both armies. The Quanrong may not have the same stash Lord Earl Chouki had over at Gyou, but a stockpile nonetheless. And, due to a decrease in numbers to both Yo Tan Wa's & the Quanrong's army I’m almost certain they have less mouths to feed so it shouldn’t be an issue. And another thing, I know that Shun Sui Ju is currently camping over at Retsubi but I can’t shake the feeling that he might attempt to destroy some, or all, of Kan Ki’s food supply like he did with Heki. I doubt he will idly stand by and do nothing but wait to see who runs out of food first, I know I wouldn’t.

Also, I think it’s funny that the right wing expects new orders from Ou Sen. What they should do is take what little time they have to assess the situation, come to a consensus, and make the appropriate call the same way Mou Ten does on the fly.

Ch.539 Pg.18

Ch.407 Pg.08

Releases / Re: Kingdom Chapter 575
« on: October 10, 2018, 01:25:07 pm »
Hey guys, thanks for the chapter! Don't know what every one else did during the Kingdom break but I caught up on some DH comics. Thanks again for the chapter guys!

Kingdom / Chapter 574
« on: September 23, 2018, 07:30:53 pm »
There’s a couple of things Yo Tan Wa could still do to help Qin reach their primary goal. She could destroy the remaining Zhao army and kill Shun Sui Ju, and force the Quanrong to help them gain access into Gyou. Unfortunately, everyone is at their limit, and the one thing they prefer more than anything else is to fill their bellies (and some R and R, if possible). I'm afraid that Shun Sui Ju is going to pose a big problem in the near future. He now knows how Yo Tan Wa works, and with Ri Boku, he can devise a grand scheme to destroy her. No sirree! This won’t do. I’m not okay with letting him go. Then again, I think Yo Tan Wa wants to take this opportunity to acclimate the Quanrong to her presence for good measure.

Ch.574 Pg.13

Ch.517 Pg.11     

Releases / Re: Kingdom Chapter 574
« on: September 23, 2018, 05:23:53 pm »
Thank you all who have made this possible for such a great surprise!8)

Kingdom / Chapter 573
« on: September 19, 2018, 02:53:15 pm »
Tag team action seems to be the common theme in this arc. And while that’s all fine and dandy it’s hard to acknowledge a grand slam by Yo Tan Wa. The issue, which is debatable, the manner in which king Rozo is defeated, however, I blame him for his own death. No matter how difficult it is to accept we need to understand that he alone sanctioned the end result. Also, it’s my sentiment that Shun Sui Ju basically abandoned the Quanrong. I wonder, if Ri Boku had been in the same situation would he have done the same. I don’t think so. What I don’t understand is that by avoiding one problem he creates another. Meaning, the principal objective behind his every attempt was to secure Yo Tan Wa’s death. It’s also why he lured them away from Ri Boku and into Quanrong territory. To deliver them to the Quanrong, to shield Ri Boku from getting blindsided by another army, and to gain an advantage (as common sense dictates) the indigenous population is generally more familiar with their neck of the woods, especially the terrain versus outsiders. Well, what’s stopping Yo Tan Wa from doing so now? Nothing really. His poor judgement in this particular situation is a contradiction to the character he’s established thus far. This is not his typical modus operandi. You telling me, that he, or anyone with superior intellect can’t see how this drastically affects everything he’s worked for. I don't buy it. What happened to maintaining the upper hand?

Ch.571 Pg.06    A tribute to one of the strongest, King Rozo (aka Skull Crusher). Shin would have loved to go toe-to-toe with this monster. We salute you King Rozo!

Releases / Re: Kingdom Chapter 573
« on: September 19, 2018, 07:21:10 am »
These were all the emotions :) :D ;D :o :o :o ??? ??? :o :o :o ;D :) I went through while reading this chapter lol. 

Thx for the chapter guys it's appreciated more than you know. 8^)

Kingdom / Chapter 572
« on: September 12, 2018, 05:09:34 pm »
It looks like all the strong fighters for Quanrong are on the battlefield so old man Enpo should takeover quickly.

Pretty difficult to gauge who will be the victor. As we’ve seen time and time again size doesn’t necessarily give you an edge. King Rozo and the Feego king both appear to be a powerhouse.

I’m pleased to see Kitari destroy Bunen with her own hands, out of all of Rozo’s brothers this one I dislike the most. His hairdo (antenna) makes me recollect the creepy Terraformar.

Ch.572 Pg.11       What do you guys think? Is Heki thinking of becoming a martyr?

Releases / Re: Kingdom Chapter 572
« on: September 12, 2018, 06:23:35 am »
Many thanks for the chapter fellas! 8)

Kingdom / General Yo Tan Wa
« on: September 07, 2018, 09:51:05 am »
I’m having a tough time distinguishing whether Yo Tan Wa is strategic or instinctual in nature. Where would you place her overall performance? And, does it fit the profile? I don’t believe that all individuals with a tendency to gravitate towards instincts follow a unique pattern. It’s obvious that every personality has its own highlights not to mention some can be more impulsive than others (Shin is a good example). I also understand that the same argument can be made about strategic individuals. What stands out is Yo Tan Wa’s approach to a means. Particularly, the process which lacks any degree of clear systematic direction. And here’s why. Kitari just realized what Yo Tan Wa was aiming for. Wasn’t she in the same room the day Yo tan Wa shared the battle plan? She was (Ch.552). So what gives? Do you believe Yo Tan Wa is the instinctive type or that she relies to some degree on strategy?

Ch.498 Pg.09

Kingdom / Chapter 571
« on: September 05, 2018, 05:35:25 pm »
Yikes! Rozo is colossal in stature. He reminds me of Triple Mace (Ch.180 Pg.04). Anyway, I think he’s a monster. His pupils turned vertical a sure sign this guy ain’t normal by any means. Are we looking at the origins of a shapeshifter? Possibly, lol just kidding.

Bunen’s crazed reaction, as observed by his men, to want to take Yo Tan Wa for himself tells me that he may have a strong aversion for his brother and seeks to piss him off, or he believes that he’s owed compensation for his accomplishment against Qin. Either way, I think he’s looking for trouble.

Kinda difficult to see how Enpo and his men are doing. Not sure if they took the Quanrong by surprise or not. We don’t have much to go by.

Ch.571 Pg.06   Rozo's oval pupil, maybe he's on narcotics.

Releases / Re: Kingdom Chapter 571
« on: September 05, 2018, 08:59:57 am »
Hope U feel better soon, and thanks for the outstanding episode!

Kingdom / Chapter 570
« on: August 29, 2018, 06:04:03 pm »
It’s official, Ba Jio is superhuman and his kicks are freaking lethal. I don’t even know how to address the three blades sticking out of his back. Tough hide, I guess. But that sounds like an understatement. It’s obvious he somehow snapped the blades though the odds of this happening suggests that Kingdom now borders on the supernatural. Anyway, enough of that, I’m glad that Tajifu and company made it to the rescue. I honestly thought that we were going to see Yo Tan Wa become a POW. 

Ch.570 Pg.15  You gotta luv this panel it makes you wanna chant. Feego! Feego! Feego!

Releases / Re: Kingdom Chapter 570
« on: August 29, 2018, 03:58:48 pm »
Busy day, but never too busy to say thank you my peeps! ;)

Kingdom / Re: Chapter 569
« on: August 23, 2018, 03:45:12 pm »
I‘m beginning to think that Shun Sui Ju has a personal grudge with Yo Tan Wa. He seems desperate to see her banished from this world. At this point, what can she do? She’s on foot, injured and lost the majority of her army. He’s fixed on her so much that he’s unable to detect anything else (it’s what I detect until he proves me wrong). If I were him I wouldn’t pursue her, let alone with an army. Anyway, it all boils down to one thing. In an attempt to prevent “scattered remnants” from disturbing Ri Boku (by the way, it’s a valid claim) he opened the door of opportunity. But who can blame him for this? Any sensible officer with experience will in all likelihood come to the same conclusion - no argument there. And yet, at the same time, he’s failed to take into account any conceivable action no matter how improbable it may seem. By doing so, he has revealed to Qin another stronghold worthy of capture by any means. In fact, it’s the only feasible alternative at the moment.

Kingdom / Chapter 569
« on: August 22, 2018, 05:38:35 pm »
Seeing Yo Tan Wa get manhandled like this is so heart-wrenching.:'( And where the hell is Heki?>:( I thought he was going to support Yo Tan Wa.

So old man Enpo is about to attack the Quanrong city. I guess this was the plan all along *(Ch.552 Pg.11). I get it. Hell, if they can’t have Gyou whose location puts them closer to Kantan’s border (and what the Zhao call the central plains) then this fort is just as good as any within Zhao territory. Albeit the city they’re about to seize is nowhere near the capital, it is situated within Zhao’s heartland. What does this mean? It means that Shun Sui Ju screwed up big time. He, and all of Zhao, would have been better off if the city’s existence had been kept undisclosed from Yo Tan Wa that is of course, if they manage to occupy and hold it.

Ch.528 Pg.03&04

Edit: *Added Chapter Reference

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